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80lb. Cardstock 187: Penal Code

8:00am, 11-21-2021
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  • 8:01am Murder Mystery by Edan on Beauty And The Beat (Lewis Recordings, 2005)
  • 8:03am It's Hard To Kill A Bad Thing by Isobel Campbell / Mark Lanegan on Ballad Of The Broken Seas (V2, 2005)
  • 8:05am After Murder Park by The Auteurs on After Murder Park (Hut Recordings, 1996)
  • 8:07am Killer In The Home by Adam & The Ants on Kings Of The Wild Frontier (CBS, 1980)
  • 8:12am California Hippy Murders by Red River Dave on Psycho Serenade (Beware)
  • 8:15am Murderers, The Hope Of Women by Momus on Murderers, The Hope Of Women 12" (Creation Records, 1987)
  • 8:21am Love Murder by Death In June on The World That Summer (New European Recordings, 1986)
  • 8:26am An Obstacle To Murder by Bastard Noise on The Analysis Of Self-Destruction (Alien8 Recordings, 2000)
  • 8:36am Murder by New Order on Murder 12" (Factory Benelux, 1984)
  • 8:40am Murder Scene by Andy Toth on Comin' From Tha D: The Blueprint (Intuit-Solar, 2000)
  • 8:45am Kill Robok by Squarepusher on Do You Know Squarepusher (Warp Records, 2002)
  • 8:48am Kick To Kill (JIm Foetus Seersucker Mix) by Pop Will Eat Itself on Two Fingers My Friends! (Infectious Records, 1995)
  • 8:53am Killer by Rootsman / He-Man on Docking Sequence: BSI Compilation Vol. 1 (BSI Records, 2000)
  • 8:54am Dismemberment Murder by Scissor Girls on We People Space With Phantoms (Atavistic, 1996)
  • 9:01am Kill Surf City by Jesus And Mary Chain on Barbed Wire Kisses (Blanco Y Negro, 1988)
  • 9:04am I'd Kill For Her by The Black Angels on Death Song (Partisan Records, 2017)
  • 9:07am Killed By Death by Motorhead on 7" (Bronze Records, 1984)
  • 9:12am Oil-Hell Murder by Iron Monkey on Booming On Pluto: Electro For Droids (Virgin Records, 1997)
  • 9:13am Murder Movies by Unwound on Repetition (Kill Rock Stars, 1996)
  • 9:14am If Looks Could Kill by Crime on Murder By Guitar (Superior Viaduct, 2014)
  • 9:18am Murderess by Body/Head on Coming Apart (Matador, 2013)
  • 9:19am Kill Yr Idols (Live) by Sonic Youth on Smart Bar Chicago 1985 (Goofin' Records, 2012)
  • 9:21am Murder by Black Breath on Razor To Oblivion (Hot Mass Records, 2008)
  • 9:25am Murders In The Rue Morgue by Iron Maiden on Killers (EMI, 1981)
  • 9:30am I Killed The Dove by Code Of Honor on Beware The Savage Jaw (Subterranean Records, 1984)
  • 9:32am Murder City Nights by Radio Birdman on Radios Appear (Trafalgar, 1977)
  • 9:36am Murder In The 18th Hole by Gus Van Zant on 18 Songs About Golf (Pop Secret, 1998)
  • 9:37am Nothing More Than Murder by Impala on Kings Of The Strip (Estrus Records, 1995)
  • 9:41am I Want To Kill My Brother: The Cymbal Head by Wayne Coyne on Guitarrorists (No. 6 Records, 1991)
  • 9:44am Kill The Pooh by Franz And Shape on Acceleration (Relish Records, 2007)
  • 9:48am Bounty Killer II : The Sequel (Excerpt) by Depth Charge on Depth Charge (Vinyl Solution , 1992)
  • 9:50am How To Kill by The Art Of Noise on Daft (ZTT, 1984)
  • 9:53am Dracula Killed Frankenstein by Lake Of Dracula on Lake Of Dracula (Skin Graft, 1997)
  • 9:55am Don't Make Me Kill You Now by Angela Alexander & J.D. Saddler on Boddie Recording Company - Cleveland, Ohio (Numero Group, 2011)
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