Welcome To The Neighborhood

WTTN 338 -

8:00pm, 11-27-2021
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  • 8:06pm Tax Season by Mallz on Tax Season (Single) (Mallz)
  • 8:09pm Fade Out by LMNO x Krohme on Fade Out (Single) (Godsendant Collective )
  • 8:12pm Sincerity and Reverence by Noveliss & Dixon Hill on Book of Changes (Clear Soul Records)
  • 8:17pm Never Stop by SniperShot & M Slago on Walking Contradiction (Wes Brown)
  • 8:21pm Can't Stop by Kevin Scott JR on Can't Stop (Kevin Scott JR)
  • 8:25pm Honestly True by Willie Waze on Big Avatar - Da Last AirSpitta (Willie Waze)
  • 8:28pm Afterglow (feat. Rainezra) by DDwili on Dreams of Disco (Henergy Productions)
  • 8:31pm Stunt by Wynne on Do My Own Stunts (ERYST/Great Ones Club)
  • 8:33pm Aint Loyal by LKeys on Aint Loyal (LKeys)
  • 8:41pm I Love You, I Hate You by Little Simz on Sometimes I Might Be Introvert (AGE 101 MUSIC)
  • 8:41pm Where I Belong (feat. Freakquencee & Antoine Katz) by Rotem Sivan on Where I Belong (Sonder House)
  • 8:48pm Fingers Up (F.U.) (feat. BLU) by Wordsworth on Fingers Up (Wordsworth)
  • 8:53pm Ratatouille by SOVIETS (Chaix & Jeff Spec) on Cold Wave - EP (Black Buffalo Records)
  • 8:54pm Vibe (feat. Big Daddy Kane, Cleveland P. Jones, Speech, Tasha LaRae & Configa) by Arrested Development on Vibe (Vagabond Records)
  • 9:02pm Can You Feel It by Fat Boys on Fat Boys (Tin Pan Apple)
  • 9:09pm Prototype (DJ Rasta Root Edit) by OutKast on Prototype (DJ Rasta Roots)
  • 9:15pm Nutshell Pt. 2 (feat. Busta Rhymes and Redman) by Phife Dawg on Nutshell Pt. 2 (feat. Busta Rhymes and Redman) (AWAL)
  • 9:19pm Attributes of Mercy by Japhia Life on Attributes of Mercy (Heartsville Music)
  • 9:23pm Dreams by Napoleon Da Legend & Amerigo Gazaway on The World Changed (Soul Mates)
  • 9:27pm Black Illuminati (feat. Jadakiss) by Freddie Gibbs on Black Illuminati (Freddie Gibbs)
  • 9:33pm Abandon Malls by Aesop Rock & Blockhead on Garbology (Rhymesayers Entertainment)
  • 9:37pm Final Call by Phil A, Rasson Arigato, Tha God Fahim on Final Call (Single) (Rap Is Fun)
  • 9:40pm WILDIN (feat. 1K Phew) by Lecrae on WILDIN (Reach Records)
  • 9:43pm Like Really by Oddisee on The Iceberg (Mello Music Group)
  • 9:46pm Discipline (feat. Ryan Alan) [Prod. by LuvJonez] by Mat Randol on Discipline (Neu Beginin Global)
  • 9:50pm Tired (Grateful) by Mic Capes on In Spite Of... (Mic Capes Music)
  • 9:53pm The Spiral (feat. Afronaut Zu & Ahnansé) by Theon Cross on Intra-I (New Soil/Marathon Artists)
  • 9:58pm Goodnight by MG! The Visionary on Transparemcee (BEC Recordings)
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