XRAY DJ's Best Of 2021

Backroad To Nowhere - Favorites of 2021 (with extra hour)

6:00pm, 1-9-2022
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Happy new year! Part 1 playlist below, Part 2 playlist here:

Dawn Patrol - Rose City Band - Earth Trip (Thrill Jockey)

All This Lightning- Rosali - No Medium (Spinster)

Trip Sitter - Jeffrey Silverstein - Torii Gates (Arrowhawk)

Birdhouse - Powers / Rolin Duo - Strange Fortune (Astral Editions)

The Dowager's Clipped Wings - Patrick Shiroishi - Hidemi (American Dreams)

Urban Driftwood (ft. Amadou Kouyate) - Yasmin Williams -  Urban Driftwood (Spinster)

Our Prayer - C Joynes - Poor Boy On The Wire (Sophomore Lounge)

Sound So Familiar - Nico Hedley - Painterly (Whatever's Clever)

Oyster Mushroom - The Modern Folk - Primitive Future II (Warhen)

Big Summer - Daniel Bachman - Axacan (Three Lobed)

Are You Here For The Festival - Michael Hurley - The Time Of The Foxgloves (No Quarter)

Wood Thrush Song - Magic Tuber Stringband - When Sorrows Encompass Me 'Round (Feeding Tube)

Dyan - Le Ren - Leftovers (Secretely Canadian)

Golden Arms - Donald Beaman - Sunlight on the Platform (self released)

Through the Threshold - Sally Anne Morgan - Cups (Thrill Jockey)

Lost Futures - Marisa Anderson/William Tyler - Lost Futures (Thrill Jockey)

To Never Forget the Source - Sons of Kemet - Black to the Future (UMG)

  • 6:00pm Where the Owl Hums by Sarah Louise on Earth Bow (self released)
  • 6:05pm If I Were a Willow by Natalie Jane Hill on Soley (Dear Life)
  • 6:07pm Fire Medicine Man by Bobby Lee on Origin Myths (Tompkins Square)
  • 6:09pm Tropicale Moon by Mouth Painter on Tropicale Moon (Feeding Tube/Cardinal Fuzz/Arrowhawk)
  • 6:14pm Old Moon by Doran on Doran (Spinster)
  • 6:16pm Angeles by Corey Hanson on Pale Horse Rider (Drag City)
  • 6:21pm Leaning Hard (On My Peripheral Vision) by Fiver on Fiver with the Atlantic School of Spontaneous Composition (You've Changed)
  • 6:28pm Tobacco City Waltz by Tobacco City on Tobacco City, USA (Scissor Tail Records)
  • 6:32pm Dry Rations II by Bill MacKay & Nathan Bowles on Keys (Drag City)
  • 6:33pm First Morning Light by Evan Cheadle on Fault Line Serenade (Victory Pool)
  • 6:36pm Through the Walls by Claire Cronin on Bloodless (Orindal)
  • 6:43pm Vanishing by Circuit des Yeux on -io (Matador)
  • 6:45pm I Wonder as I Wander by Myriam Gendron on Ma Délire - Songs of Love, Lost and Found (Feeding Tube, 2021)
  • 6:53pm Future Times by Plankton Wat on Future Times (Thrill Jockey)
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