Space Does Not Care: Sonic Snax and Attax for PDX

3-30-22: My Inaugural Xray Episode Amplifies (and Overmodulates) Women

2:00am, 3-30-2022
<< Space Does Not Care: Sonic Snax and Attax for PDX

Female Singing Voices, as part of Xray's March "Amplify Women" program. 

Unfortunately some of the tracks were overmodulated, but I still think this is a good set of tunes.

I promise I will stay out of the red from now on.

  • 2:02am Archangel Thunderbird by Amon Düül II on Yeti (United Artists)
  • 2:06am What's Holding You? by Lorelle Meets The Obsolete on Chambers (Registros El Derrumbe)
  • 2:11am Can You Count the Stars by Charalambides on Historic 6th Ward (Wholly Other)
  • 2:17am I Talk to the Wind by Astralasia on White Bird (Magick Eye)
  • 2:23am What We Talk About by Hookworms on Pearl Mystic (Weird World)
  • 2:29am Inebriation! by Flaming Fire on Kentucky Shroud split cd (Cuniglius)
  • 2:33am Car Crash by Flaming Fire on Surge and Burn: 2000-2014 (Cuniglius)
  • 2:38am Your Love Belongs to Me by Flaming Fire on Songs from the Shining Temple (self-released)
  • 2:41am Car Crash by Flaming Fire on Surge and Burn: 2000-2014 (Cuniglius)
  • 2:44am Like a Ghost on Fire by Mike Watt, Thurston Moore and Thalia Ferriera on You've Got Your Orders Vol. I (Chrome Peeler)
  • 2:48am Stargazer by Chromosome Damage on ST'd (self-released)
  • 2:53am Creature by Architectural Metaphor on Creature from the Velvet Void (Black Widow)
  • 3:02am Champagne, Cocaine and Nicotine Stains by Anubian Lights w/Lydia Lunch on Champagne, Cocaine and Nicotine Stains (Crippled Dick Hot Wax!)
  • 3:06am Raven Raven by Exploded View on Obey (Sacred Bones)
  • 3:09am Mother by Cold Beat on Mother (DFA)
  • 3:11am Changer by Stereolab on ABC Music (Strange Fruit)
  • 3:16am Quiero Otoño De Nuevo by Mint Field on Pasar De Las Luces (Innovative Leisure)
  • 3:21am Fa by High Violets on 44 Down (Reverb)
  • 3:26am Hebrew, I Hate You by Rllrbll on 4 Corners (Nillacat)
  • 3:33am Hole in My Shadow by Denny Gerrard on Sinister Morning (Deram)
  • 3:37am Red the Sign Post by Fifty Ft Hose on Cauldron (Limelight)
  • 3:40am Prostitute Poem by Gong on Angels Egg (Charly)
  • 3:45am Le Petit Chat by Amp on Passé Présent (Enraptured)
  • 3:50am Ballast by Windy & Carl on Windy and Carl and the Lothars (Blue Flea/Wobbly)
  • 3:55am Distant Blue by Project Skyward on Strange Synchronicities (Nebula)
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