Space Does Not Care: Sonic Snax and Attax for PDX

4-27-22: Radios Appear? (No Audio: Playlist Only: Insert Frowny-Face)

2:00am, 4-27-2022
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Fund Drive Special: Celebrating Radio. 

Unfortunately, the audio was damaged, so this show is not listenable. However I will leave the playlist up, so at least you can get the intention.

  • 2:00am Talk/Pitch by Talk/Pitch on Talk/Pitch (Talk/Pitch)
  • 2:04am Dominance and Submisssion by Blue Öyster Cult on Secret Treaties (Columbia)
  • 2:09am Radio 7 by David Holmes on Lets Get Killed (Go! Beat)
  • 2:14am Brother/KMW by Xu Xu Fang on Los Angeles During the Winter of '99 (Cowboy Small's Sound Ranch)
  • 2:23am Transmitter Down by Hovercraft on Experiment Below (Mute/Blast First)
  • 2:25am Talk/Pitch by Talk/Pitch on Talk/Pitch (Talk/Pitch)
  • 2:38am Never Become Emotionally Attached To Man, Woman, Beast Or Child by The Brian Jonestown Massacre on We Are the Radio (Tee Pee)
  • 2:42am Turn the Radio On by Warlocks on Rise And Fall, E.P. And Rarities (Zap Banana)
  • 2:47am Airwaves by Kraftwerk on Radioactivity (Capitol)
  • 2:52am Intergalactic Radio Guri Broadcasting by Cosmic Jokers on Planaten Sit-In (Spalax)
  • 2:56am Radio Gnome Invisible by Gong on Live, etc. (Virgin)
  • 3:03am Track #3 by Lumerians on Transmissions from Telos IV (Hands In the Dark)
  • 3:10am Antennae by Spectrum on V/A The New Atlantis (Space Age Recordings)
  • 3:14am Talk/Pitch by Talk/Pitch on Talk/Pitch (Talk/Pitch)
  • 3:20am Radio Tokyo by Hookworms on The Hum (Weird World)
  • 3:25am Radio Noir by Chromosome Damage on ST'd (Fuzzy Portal)
  • 3:30am Radio by Sheep On Drugs on Motorbike/Maryjane EP (Transglobal)
  • 3:33am Resonance Radio Station Tag #1 by Faust on Abzu (Self-Released)
  • 3:35am The Radio Is Broken by Frank Zappa on The Man From Utopia (Barking Pumpkin)
  • 3:40am Talk/Pitch by Talk/Pitch on Talk/Pitch (Talk/Pitch)
  • 3:48am Toad On the Road by Je Suis Radio on single? (You Tube?)
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