80lb. Cardstock

80lb. Cardstock 205: We Are Reasonable People

8:00am, 5-15-2022
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  • 8:00am Analoggins by AFX on Analord 06 (Rephlex, 2005)
  • 8:07am Bombing Interlude by Innerstance Beatbox on Your Eyes Are Like UFOs, My Darling (The Consumers Research & Development Label, 2005)
  • 8:07am Ancestors by Gonjasufi on A Sufi And A Killer (Warp Records, 2010)
  • 8:10am We Have Explosive (Pt. 4) by Future Sound Of London on We Have Explosive 12" (Virgin Records, 1997)
  • 8:16am Duck Soup by Global Goon on Cradle Of History (Rephlex, 1998)
  • 8:19am Millenium Hill by Orgue Electronique on Rare & Unreleased 1998-2004 (Creme Organization, 2009)
  • 8:24am Ron Carter by B12 on 3EP 12" (Warp Records, 1998)
  • 8:32am Menthol by Team Shadetek on Burnerism (Warp Records, 2004)
  • 8:35am Sticks by Freeform on Prowl 12" (Warp Records, 1996)
  • 8:41am From The Chestnut Parapet by Jake Mandell on Love Songs For Machines (Carpark, 2001)
  • 8:46am Choice Curve by Beau Wanzer on Do The Spider Shimmy 10" (Suction Records, 2019)
  • 8:48am Uneasy Listening by Plaid on Trainer (Warp Records, 2000)
  • 8:54am Shelf by While on Lock (Chocolate Industries, 2000)
  • 9:00am 2 Analog Talks by AFX on Analord 06 (Rephlex, 2005)
  • 9:01am God by Luke Vibert on Chicago, Detroit, Redruth (Planet Mu, 2007)
  • 9:04am Calculette by V.L.A.D. on Motion Institute (Warp Records, 2000)
  • 9:07am Newbound by Autechre on L-Event EP (Warp Records, 2013)
  • 9:14am Quantum Computing by Arpanet on 12" (Label)
  • 9:17am Sunrays by The Other People Place on Lifestyles Of The Laptop Cafe (Warp Records, 2001)
  • 9:25am Mirror Symmetry by Dopplereffekt on Calabi Yau Space (Rephlex, 2007)
  • 9:28am CHEETAHT7b by Aphex Twin on Cheetah EP (Warp Records, 2016)
  • 9:35am The Calmness Of Distortion by RX-101 on EP 1 (Suction Records, 2016)
  • 9:40am Only In Shadows by Ectomorph on Destroy Your Powercenters 12" (Interdimensional Transmissions, 1999)
  • 9:45am Synthetic Rhythms by Ghislain Poirier on Breakupdown (Chocolate Industries, 2005)
  • 9:48am LFO by Freak on Sheath (Warp Records, 2003)
  • 9:53am All Set by Baby Ford on Basking In The Brakelights (Force Inc., 2003)
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