Welcome To The Neighborhood

WTTN 420 - J Rawls and Cas Metah

8:00pm, 12-9-2023
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  • 8:06pm Discipline (feat. Ryan Alan) [Prod. by LuvJonez] by Mat Randol on Discipline (Neu Beginin Global)
  • 8:09pm Pain (Nor Cal Remix) (feat. Mistah FAB, Bosko, and April Cason) by Cool Nutz on Pain (Nor Cal Remix) (Jus Family Records)
  • 8:15pm Glory (feat. MotionPlus, JustMe & Mouf Warren of Scribbling Idiots) by J Rawls x Cas Metah on Criminal Blinded (J Rawls x Cas Metah)
  • 8:19pm Artist Interview by J Rawls and Cas Metah on WTTN Artist Interview (DJ Klyph Productions)
  • 8:29pm Devotion (feat. Napolen Da Legend) by J Rawls & Cas Metah on Criminal Blinded (HHV/Fat Beats)
  • 8:32pm Banned in the USA by Homeboy Sandman on I Can't Sell These Either (Dirty Looks)
  • 8:34pm Get It Together (feat. Q-Tip & Phife) (Jim Sharp edit) by Beastie Boys on Get It Together (Jim Sharp)
  • 8:41pm Up To You (feat. Mal London & WESTSIDE BOOGIE) by Mat Randol & Sxlxmxn on What Are You Afraid Of? (Neu Beginin Global)
  • 8:45pm A Forsaken Lover's Plea by Chuck Strangers on A Forsaken Lover's Plea (Lex Records)
  • 8:46pm Pump (feat. Shaheed Goodie) by Revival Season on Pump (Single) (Heavenly/PIAS)
  • 8:51pm Those Were The Days (Remix) by K.I.N.E.T.I.K., BREIS, Newselph on If It Ain't Broke, Remix It (Illect Recordings)
  • 8:53pm Allow Me (feat. Brotha Soul) by Rel McCoy & Brotha Soul on Rel McCoy & Brotha Soul are The Extras (Rel McCoy)
  • 8:57pm Nardwuar of Nas Bars by Rev Shines & Soop Dread on Nardwuar of Nas Bars (Plenty Tuff Records)
  • 9:05pm Marcus Garvey (feat. Shad and Quelle Chris) by Blu & Nottz on Afrika (Nature Sounds / New World Color)
  • 9:08pm Corporal Punishment (feat. Elzhi) by Masta Ace & Marco Polo on A Breukelen Story (Fat Beats Records)
  • 9:12pm AC / DC [Prod. by Exile] by LMNO on AC / DC (LMNO)
  • 9:16pm Gallant Fox by RA Scion x Urrks on Gallant Fox (Single) (RA x Urrks)
  • 9:21pm Seven Kings (feat. Talyamo Denku, Sleep Sinatra, Theory Hazit, Blast Mega, Stik Figa & Sheisty Khrist) by J Rawls & Cas Metah on Criminal Blinded (HHV/Fat Beats)
  • 9:27pm Don't Understand (Jim Sharp Edit) by Masta Ace feat. Greg Nice on Don't Understand (Jim Sharp Edit) (Jim Sharp)
  • 9:30pm Modern Day Gangstas (Jim Sharp Edit) by Busta Rhymes feat. The Notorious B.I.G. on Modern Day Gangstas (Jim Sharp Edit) (Jim Sharp)
  • 9:33pm Drowning Man [Prod. by J Rawls] (feat. Copywrite & Elias) by Cas Metah and Wonder Brown on The Dark Bros. (Illect Recordings)
  • 9:36pm Star Sign by Napoleon Da Legend x Crazy DJ Bazarro on Yellow Cake (Legendary Music / Narcata Records)
  • 9:40pm Czarchimedes' Death Ray by Czarface on Czartificial Intelligence (Silver Age/Virgin)
  • 9:43pm Shook Up (feat. Joey Bada$$ & FARR) by Erick The Architect on Shook Up (IDOL)
  • 9:45pm Classic (feat. Kev Brown & DJ Rhettmatic) by DSMOOTH MUSIC INC on Classic (Single) (DSMOOTH MUSIC INC)
  • 9:48pm No Problems by Ryck Jane on Jane Got A Gun (Not Like Them, LLC)
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