Episode 111: Peter Buck live in the studio for a special 2 hour episode at!

9:00pm, 4-14-2024

Peter envisioned this set to be a taste of what it would be like to pile into his record room after the bar closes and the random pick of 45s from his collection. Not only does he share a crackly mix of free-form wax, but he offers a lot of hilarious commentary of where he was in life when he discovered the music or his experiences with the bands/musicians like Nikki Sudden, Bob Log, The Fans, Gil Scott-Heron and many others. Enjoy! XO-- Commodore Theodore

Cohosted by DJ Primativa of the "Last Schmaltz on the Left" (Sundays, 9-10pm PST)

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  • 9:00pm scream blackula scream by unknown on 7" (an american international picture, 1973)
  • 9:04pm you're the one- Part 1 by Little Sister on 7" (stone flower)
  • 9:09pm dance the kung fu by Carl Douglas on 7" (20th century fox)
  • 9:12pm them terrible boots by The Orlons on 7" (Cameo)
  • 9:21pm inner city blues by Sixto Rodriguez on 7" (Sussex)
  • 9:24pm hallelujah by Giideon and Power on 7" (Bell)
  • 9:29pm i want to help you ann by Lyres on 7" (ace of hearts)
  • 9:30pm Zony mash by The Meters on 7" (josic)
  • 9:31pm rich man's dream by Neo Boys on 7" (Trap Records)
  • 9:34pm 30 seconds over tokyo by Pere Ubu on 7" (Hearthan)
  • 9:40pm heya by J.J. Light on 7' (Liberty)
  • 9:44pm michoacan by rocky & the border kings on 7" (Epic)
  • 9:46pm funnel of love by Wanda Jackson on 7" (Capitol)
  • 9:51pm shimmy shimmy walk by Megatons on 7" (dodge)
  • 9:55pm dance of the moon festival by Yma Sumac on 7" (Capitol)
  • 9:57pm theme from shaft by Dutch Rhythm & steel band on 7" (Negram)
  • 10:06pm loin to the surf by swell maps on 7" (rough trade)
  • 10:06pm planet of the apes by The mummies on 7" (Sympathy for the record industry)
  • 10:08pm true by The Fans on 7" (Albion Records, 1979)
  • 10:14pm getting out of hand by The Bangs on 7" (Downkiddie Records, 1981)
  • 10:16pm A Love Like Yours (Don't Come Knockin' Every Day) by Nilsson & Cher on 7" (Warner-Spector, 1975)
  • 10:20pm Shyin' Away by American Spring on 7" (Columbia, 1973)
  • 10:26pm fudge by Doo Rag on 7" (doo rag)
  • 10:28pm land of the sun by Alexander Spence on 7" (Sundazed)
  • 10:35pm gonzo by James Booker on 7" (Peacock)
  • 10:37pm the revolution will not be televised by Gil Scott-Heron on 7" (BGP)
  • 10:40pm bird's word by The Last Poets on 7" (TSC)
  • 10:49pm i gotta know No by The Human Switchboard on 7" (Clone Records)
  • 10:53pm the man who sold the world by Lulu on 7" (Polydor)
  • 10:55pm as long as you're here by Zalman Yanovsky on 7" (Buddah)
  • 10:57pm final day by Young Marble Giants on 7" (Rough Trade)
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