Get Your Event on the Calendar!

  • 12:00pm Friday, January 1, 202112:00pm Tuesday, January 1, 2030

Have an event coming up you’re looking to spread the word about? 

Send an email to to see how we can help!

When emailing please include: 

  1. Any relevant info about the event (dates/times, location, ticket links, info sheets etc.)
  2. What you're looking for from us, preferably in the subject or early in the email.* This could be things like being a media sponsor, paid underwriting packages, inviting us to attend, PSAs* AV services, getting an on-air interview, booking an XRAY DJ, having us be present there, etc.
  3. Who this event is for, so that we can place it appropriately on our schedule. If music, let us know the general genre/style. If non-music, what topics will someone that goes to this care about? 

Timeline: For those new to working with us, without an established event promotion relationship or agreement, we need to receive your submission at least three weeks prior to your event for inclusion on our events calendar or newsletter, and preferably six weeks if you are interested in a radio spot about your event (i.e. underwriting). We are unlikely to consider last minute requests. 

Please Note: We have a very limited capacity and unfortunately cannot accommodate all requests. The clearer your ask and the more obvious of a fit with our programming and/or mission, the more likely we'll prioritize it. We unfortunately cannot respond to every request, but welcome you nudging/following up with us to get it on our radar if it's a good fit and we haven't replied.

*Only nonprofits and/or things benefitting the wider community (such as something like demonstrations, disaster relief, mutual aid campaigns, etc.) are eligible for PSAs typically, with anything else being up to our discretion and typically done on media trade, paid campaigns, or as an act of good will because we feel strongly about something. All scripts need to be approved by us for our FCC compliance standards--even if a recorded file already exists.

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