XRAY's 10th Birthday Bash! Feat. The Minus 5 + Abronia

  • 8:00pm Friday, April 19, 2024


21+ // Doors 7pm, Show 8pm 

General Admission $20 // Member Pre-Sale March 13th at 10am, Public Onsale March 15th at 10am 

Members: Check your email for your pre-sale code!

Celebrate 10 YEARS of XRAY with us in an all-out Birthday Bash with some certified rock stars, a whole lot of the XRAY DJs you know and love, and an exciting announcement you'll just have to be there to see. 

We haven't held an official birthday event since Year 5 (2019) for...perhaps obvious reasons. In the past, these have usually sold out so get your tickets early! 

Your hosts for the night will be the incomparable Arthur Bradford AND B. Frayn Masters!!!

The Minus 5 a rock/folk/pop collective captained by Scott McCaughey (see: “Scott McCaughey” c/o “The Internet”, for further reliable information), with Peter Buck often aboard as navigation officer. By design from its inception, the line-up for recordings and live appearances is completely fluid, dependent on musician availability, whim, and wind direction. Collaborators regularly feature friends from R.E.M. (as it once were), Wilco, Decemberists, Posies, and literally hundreds and hundreds of other recalcitrant comrade combos.  Everyone gives their all, and no one need be counted on.


A lot of bands who fly the psych banner these days have a minimalist view of the music, and choose a sort of post-shoegaze lassitude to present their “vision.” This can be astoundingly great, of course, but it also fails to address the central gobble-crazed nature of true psychedelia. Many of history’s greatest psych outfits were hewn from bizarre hybrids of disparate parts. Frankenstein monsters in search of sacred ecstasy. One gets the same vibe off of Abronia. Totally unexpected bits pop up amidst their rhapsodic jamming, conjuring shards of memory as disparate as Relf-era Renaissance, Joseph Byrd’s United States of America, and even (at least in spots) real early Siouxsie. These are just a few examples of how wide Abronia cast their net. Their instrumental brunt moves from neo-prog to folk rock to thunderheads cast in the same mold as the Sensational Alex Harvey Band’s (I shit you not!).

Arthur Bradford (Co-MC)

Arthur Bradford is best known, at XRAY and only at XRAY, for hosting Sex, Drugs, & Basketball on Thursday nights. But he's best known everywhere else as a prolific and award-winning author and documentary filmmaker (bet you weren't expecting an Emmy nominee to be the same person that hosts a show where only topics about sex, drugs, or basketball are allowed!). His stories have been heard on The Moth Radio Hour, This American Life, and BackfencePDX. You may have seen some of his films--they're pretty popular--like How's Your News? or 6 Days to Air: The Making of South Park. 

B. Frayn Masters (Co-MC)

Frayn is prolific when it comes to telling stories of all kinds, and XRAY has been proud to call her a friend of the station in several capacities throughout our time on the air. Currently, her biggest project is leading the charge at BackfencePDX. Since 2008, series creator, artistic director, and host Frayn Masters along with Backfence story producers Mindy Nettifee, Brian S. Ellis, and Chris Williams have been curating powerful and engaging story shows for the Pacific Northwest and beyond. The most exciting part of a storytelling show is we get to mix things up and put wildly different kinds of people together on the same night in a way that will never happen again. A funeral director on stage with author of Wild Cheryl Strayed, a high school science teacher with Parenthood's Joy Bryant, a poker player taking wild chances with Bridesmaid's Wendi McLendon-Covey, a pet psychic with Superstore's Colton Dunn, and a blood spatter expert with Shrill author Lindy West.

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