Rosenberg (Captain Easychord)


I really dug hard-rock, metal and proto-metal as a teen, but my orientation to music was turned upside-down upon first hearing Hawkwind in '93, which ended up being a gateway-band to many sub-genres of music hitherto unexplored...

I've been sharing my passion for weird underground tunes since my first radio show in '99 at KUCR (University of California @ Riverside), where I met many other DJ's who further corrupted my musical mind.

In 2007 I did some on-line radio for a year or two via Aural-Innovations' Spacerock Radio, which was not in-studio...

...but held me over until 2014 when I got involved w/an excellent community radio station on the Central Coast (Ca) known as "The Rock" (KEBF).

This stint lasted until 2018 when I moved to pdx and shortly thereafter began DJing at Freeform Portland.

These stations all gave me complete freedom to choose whatever tracks I thought would enlighten or entertain, and now I look fwd to the same w/XRay - thanks, XRAY!

I've had day, night, and late-night slots...if the music is powerful enough, it can transform your day into night, your night into day.

Once I've become familiar w/a soundboard, I love a good segue, and other forms of studio playfulness.

I've always called my show "Space Does Not Care" (with occasional subtitles). It's a line from a poem/spoken-word piece by Hawkwind called "The Black Corridor"; it reflects my spacerock/radio roots, an existential orientation, but also points to a certain openness towards musical styles...though still with unifying musical themes.

And hey, Listener - if you get a kick, or something more, from listening to any portion of my program, I always love to hear about it. See e-mail.

Capt. Easychord
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