Show Application FAQ

Applying for a show? Here's some answers to the questions we're most often asked: 

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The XRAY.FM Show Application can be found at*

For this application period, an info session for those with more questions will be held on Zoom on Thursday, February 1st. Register Here to RSVP for the Info Session.

How do I get a show on XRAY? 

You pitch us a show! Our show application window this year is January 29th through February 11th. We're happy to receive applications at other times of year and typically have the application link kept open for those cases, but folks should expect to wait until the next application window to receive a yes/no answer to getting a show and go through onboarding. 

Do I need radio experience?
Are you looking for any specific type of shows? 

No experience needed. No specific type of content. XRAY utilizes a freeform radio format, and we are looking for the shows that will most benefit our broader community of listeners and further our organizational vision of creating a culturally relevant center for ideas, music, and creativity in service of a more open and just media. We are looking for all levels of experience and a wide array of backgrounds, genres, content focuses, formats, and more. 

All applications for new shows will go through this window at this time, including music, talk, and combination shows. 

What kind of commitment is doing a show? 

Being a host is our highest level of volunteer commitment. It is a weekly volunteer obligation. We'll give you training and support to get you going, but generally, we surrender all creative control to our hosts, so the time taken every week can really vary from person to person.

You should expect a show to take roughly twice the air time length of the show to prep. So if you were to have a 1-hour show, you should expect 2 hours of prep and 3 hours total per week. For a 2-hour show, 4 hours of prep and 6 hours total per week. 

All show hosts are expected to be active participants in the station, including taking on at least one volunteer activity outside of their show per year, attending quarterly station meetings, and being engaged in bi-annual on-air pledge drives. 

Initial agreements for shows begin at a 6-month commitment, with the option to renew for another 6 months if desired by the host and the station after that. Following those 2 terms, all agreements will be for 12 months and are renewed annually in August. 


Who will be reading applications? 

Applications will be reviewed by Chase, our Station Director, and our On Air Advisory Committee. The On Air Advisory Committee is composed of current DJs & Hosts at the station, both recent additions and folks who've been around for a while. They serve in an advisory capacity to programming staff to curate the content we put out on the air and on policies and practices impacting the community of XRAY show hosts. 

How will applications be evaluated? 

Applications will be evaluated based on the strength of the show pitch and the contribution to our overall mission.  All will be considered with a specific eye toward diversifying the genres, artists, topics, identities, backgrounds, and communities represented on our show schedule and among our listenership. 

What spots on the schedule are available? 

For music hosts we have very limited daytime and evening spots available. Most of our current availability is in the overnight and early mornings.

When and how will I know if I got a show? 

We expect to onboard hosts this Spring with the first round of programs being added to the schedule in March. A second round may be added later this spring based on need so we can effectively and thoroughly give folks the training they need before putting them on the air. 

We often receive lots of applications. We will make every effort to communicate a direct yes/no answer to everyone who applies. Our team is very small and wears many different hats, so we appreciate your patience as we work through received applications in the coming months. 


Other Questions:

If you have questions at any time, please email them to

Application windows are typically open for around 2 weeks in late summer (usually August), this is an off cycle application window. The last time applications were open was August 2022. 

The Show Application can be found at*

*Note: this is a change in application locations after many years due to policy changes from our former link shortener provider. If you've applied via the old application form ( please give us a heads up at so we don't miss your application! 

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