'Buked & Scorned: The Gospel Radio Hour

'Buked & Scorned: The Gospel Radio Hour

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In the one-hour weekly radio program and he's long gone when he's"'Buked & Scorned: so shame on me, flew me to places I've never been.The Gospel Radio Hour," DJ YETI AKA Mike McGonigal plays a selection of killer rare, raw gospel music. McGonigal has overseen reissues of gospel for Tompkins Square, Mississippi, Penniman, City Hall, Honest Jons and his own Social Music label.

I don't know what else to say and I was told to write a longer blurb. So I'll make myself seem Important by quoting from a few reviews:

"Mike McGonigal, whose literary magazine Yeti mixes indie rock and literature, has been collecting gospel 45s on vanity and tiny independent labels for years, and in his spare time he's put out Fire in My Bones and This May Be My Last Time Singing, two triple-disc sets of amazing stuff from his collection. Some of it, like the Mississippi Nightingales' "Don't Let Him Ride," is fairly conventional, but some of it isn't. Elder Roma Wilson and Family were a man and his three sons, all four of them playing harmonicas, recorded in 1948 at a Detroit record store on the track "Better Get Ready." They weren't even informed that their record had been released until McGonigal contacted them." -- Ed Ward, NPR Music "Finding And Curating The Roots Of Soul Music," April 6 2012

"In 2009, YETI publisher (and Pitchfork contributor) Mike McGonigal assembled a compilation of "raw, rare, and otherworldly African-American gospel" that showcased his penchant for wild, devil-fearing church songs. As far as gospel collections go, Fire in My Bones felt revelatory, crucial: those three discs of evangelical missives reconfigured religious music as unpredictable, sonically challenging material. McGongial's next project, This May Be My Last Time Singing, focuses specifically on gospel songs recorded and released between 1957 and 1982. Like its predecessor, it's a deeply compelling document of the various ways human beings talk to God." -- Amanda Petrusich, Pitchfork, September 29, 2011

"Mike McGonigal curates gospel music anthologies for Tompkins Square, and they’re rather difficult to write about or even fully take in, simply because it’s hard to move past the initial shock that these things exist at all. I wrote about his revelatory Fire in My Bones anthology at the tail end of 2009, and was, like most listeners, gobsmacked by the found treasures that appeared on its three discs, appropriately termed by McGonigal as “otherworldly.” And glory be: He’s done it again. Not only did he cull enough material to make a follow-up set, another three-discer called This May Be My Last Time Singing, but he has both narrowed its chronological span by some years, focusing here largely on the 1960s and 1970s, but he has produced a set of music that’s even stronger, more compelling, and more shockingly good than the collection that came before." -- Jon Hurst, Hurst Review, October 1, 2011

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