Songs From Under The Floorboard

Songs From Under The Floorboard

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Established in 2012, with a solid and growing base of local, national, and international artists and listeners, SFUTF hopes to explore the many streams and tributaries of post-punk/darkwave et al, with a committed emphasis on the local scene as well as an always (rabidly) curious eye and ear on the scenes in Spain, Italy, Sweden, Mexico, Russia, Eastern Europe and everywhere else the revival spirit has taken hold. This would include local stalwarts like The Estranged, Arctic Flowers, Lunch, Vice Device, Shadowhouse and many more (they just keep forming!), as well as other North American bands such as Forever Grey, Shadow Age, Soft Kill, Drab Majesty, Spectres, etc etc, Belgrado and Perralobo from Spain, seemingly thousands of bands across Russia (especially from Novosibirsk; what is it with that place?), another thousand from Brazil, the list is deep and, well, pretty much endless. Of course there will always be time for some original post-punk/DIY to get thrown into the mix, as has been the tradition since day one. It's always nice to get a hit of the familiar. Before joining X.RAY, Songs From Under The Floorboard featured interviews with Led Er Est, JoyCut (from Italy), the Estranged, Arctic Flowers, Vice Device, while recent appearances in the studio have included Bellicose Minds and Shadowlands. The goal here is exposure for local bands mixed with a very fervent exploration of what's come before as well what's going on worldwide. This music never goes away, never ages, and, to put it simply, as your host I only want to share the excitement, share the results of what, for me, is a ceaseless search. Oh, and have a great time doing it. Wednesday nights 9-10pm. [if you have music you think would fit this show or just want to make contact, you can do that by messaging me at SFUTF's Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/SongsFromUnderTheFloorboard/?fref=ts]

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