Played   Title Artist Album Label Show  
5:04pm   Leftover  Resina  Traces  130701  Double Bummer Buy
4:57pm   I Am Complicit In The Murder of Our Oceans  Ryan Meagher  Evil Twin  PJCE Records  Double Bummer Buy
4:49pm   Stay Close To Me  Ted Hawkins  Watch Your Step  Rounder/Craft Recordings  Double Bummer Buy
4:44pm   River Unto Sea  Buck Curran  Morning Haikus, Afternoon Ragas  ESP-Disk/Obsolete  Double Bummer Buy
4:40pm   More Frozen Flowers  Robert Poss  Frozen Flowers Curse The Day  Trace Elements  Double Bummer Buy
4:37pm   Interlude  Alexandra Stréliski  Inscape  Secret City  Double Bummer Buy
4:32pm   don't let my heart grow cold  the modern folk  modern folk 666  self released  Double Bummer Buy
4:28pm   Things To Keep Up With  Hater  Siesta  Fire  Double Bummer Buy
4:24pm   Bad Sugar  The Chills  Snow Bound  Fire  Double Bummer Buy
4:16pm   Guillotine Boys  Guillotine Boys  oog twin  self-released  Double Bummer Buy
4:12pm   Show Your Troubles Out  Garcia Peoples  Cosmic Cash  Beyond Beyond Is Beyond  Double Bummer Buy
4:07pm   Boogie Loser  Wet Tuna  Livin' The Die  Baked Tapes  Double Bummer Buy
3:59pm   Horizontal Hold  This Heat  Made Available: The Peel Sessions  Modern Classics Recordings  Double Bummer Buy
3:58pm   Black to Gold  The Cambodian Space Project  Whiskey Cambodia  S/R  Stereo Types Buy
3:49pm   Raheneh  Nooshafarin  Memories: 3 CD Compilation  Avang  Stereo Types Buy
3:47pm   Prison Song  Shahram Shabpareh  Persian Funk  Secret Stash  Stereo Types Buy
3:40pm   Chicha Roja (Featuring Gustavo Santaolalla)  La Yegros, Gustavo Santaolalla  Magnetismo  Soundway  Stereo Types Buy
3:35pm   Baiana - Wolf Mueller's Drum Drop  Barbatuques, Wolf Mueller  Baiana (Brassingles Vol. 2)  Optimo Music Selva Discos  Stereo Types Buy
3:32pm   Caribe  El Hijo de La Cumbia, Boogat  Riddim & Friends  Wakan Tanka  Stereo Types Buy
3:27pm   Agua  Manzanita y su Conjunto  Roots of Chicha 2  Crammed Discs  Stereo Types Buy