Played   Title Artist Album Label Show  
2:41am   Your Reply  Frances Quinlan  Like wise  Saddle Creek  Sugar Substitute Buy
2:37am   Finish Line  Silverware  Finish Line  Self-Released  Sugar Substitute Buy
2:29am   Wisteria Boys  Lunch Duchess  Crying For Fun  Self-Released  Sugar Substitute Buy
2:26am   Embarrassing  Ellis  Embarrassing  Fat Possum  Sugar Substitute Buy
2:23am   To Dream Again  Eerie Wanda  Hum  Beyond Beyond Is Beyond  Sugar Substitute Buy
2:20am   A Romance Of Many Dimensions  Cry Babe  Drunk Dial # 5  Drunk Dial  Sugar Substitute Buy
2:15am   I Want So Much More Than You Can Ever Give  Mega Emotion  I Want So Much More Than You Can Ever Give  P&C Fake Feelings  Sugar Substitute Buy
2:07am   The Last To Know  The Lilac Time  Paradise Circus  Fontana  Sugar Substitute Buy
2:05am   Guys Don't Lie  Papas Fritas  Papas Fritas  Minty Fresh  Sugar Substitute Buy
2:01am   Telepathetic  Sløtface  Sorry For The Late Reply  Nettwerk  Sugar Substitute Buy
1:56am   Sivaya (Alice Coltrane)  Sam Wilkes -   Live on the Green   Leaving  The Darkest Hour Buy
1:52am   An Den Kleinen Radioapparat (Eisler)   Marcin Wasilewski Trio  Faithful  ECM  The Darkest Hour Buy
1:49am   An Den Kleinen Radioapparat (Eisler)  Iain Ballamy with Stian Carstensen  The Little Radio   Sound  The Darkest Hour Buy
1:42am   Balada De La Doncella Enamorada, from El Decameron Negro (Brouwer)   Elena Papandreou  Brouwer: Guitar Music, Vol. 2   Naxos  The Darkest Hour Buy
1:38am   Mannelig   Lena Willemark / Ale Möller  Nordan  ECM  The Darkest Hour Buy
1:29am   La Mandragore (Murail)   Marilyn Nonken  Tristan Murail: The Complete Piano Music   Metier  The Darkest Hour Buy
1:13am   Continents Of City And Love (Michael Byron)   Sarah Cahill, Jospeh Kubera, Kathleen Supové, Flux Quartet, Gregg August  Michael Byron: Awakening At The Inn of the Birds  Cold Blue  The Darkest Hour Buy
1:04am   Tara  John McLaughlin, Shankar Mahadevan, Zakir Hussain  Is That So?   Abstract Logix  The Darkest Hour Buy
12:57am   All For Nothing   Steve Tibbetts, Marc Anderson  The Fall of Us All  ECM  The Darkest Hour Buy
12:49am   Wide and Far   Pat Metheny  From This Place   Nonesuch  The Darkest Hour Buy