'Buked & Scorned: The Gospel Radio Hour

In the Morning of Glory

11:00am, 1-4-2015
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  1. I Have Paid the Price, Gloria Bailey
  2. Meeting in the Air, Shem Rose + the United Blenders
  3. Lonely Pilgrim, Burtons
  4. I Know It Was the Blood, Visionaires
  5. Sweet Jesus, Marvettes
  6. In My Father's House, Player of Instrument
  7. It Will Soon Be Done, Larry + Enid
  8. In the Morning of Glory, Joan Creary
  9. On That Sweet Day, Robert Phillips
  10. Oh Lord Remember Me, Clifford Douglas
  11. The Day of Rapture, Elder Mattis
  12. Thy Kingdom Come, Maytals
  13. When I See Kingdom, Joan Creary
  14. Marching up to Zion, Robert Phillips
  15. Blessed Quietness, Shem Rose + the United Blenders
  16. Living with Jesus, Al Gibson + Myles Monroe
  17. Man from Galilee, Larry Marshall
  18. Mighty Redeemer, Laurel Alton
  19. Judgment, Clancy Eccles
  20. When I Look Back, Marvettes
  21. Leave Babylon (excerpt), Shem Rose + the United Blenders
  • 11:00am I Have Paid The Price by Gloria Bailey on n/a (n/a)
  • 11:03am Meeting In The Air by Shem Rose & The United Blenders on n/a (n/a)
  • 11:06am Lonely Pilgrim by Burtons on n/a (n/a)
  • 11:09am I Know It Was The Blood by Visionaires on n/a (n/a)
  • 11:13am Sweet Jesus by Marvettes on n/a (n/a)
  • 11:16am In My Father's House by Player of Instrument on n/a (n/a)
  • 11:18am It Will Soon Be Done by Larry & Enid on n/a (n/a)
  • 11:21am In The Morning of Glory by Joan Creary on n/a (n/a)
  • 11:24am On That Sweet Day by Robert Phillips on n/a (n/a)
  • 11:26am Oh Lord Remember Me by Clifford Douglas on n/a (n/a)
  • 11:29am The Day Of Rapture by Elder Mattis on n/a (n/a)
  • 11:31am Thy Kingdom Come by The Maytals on n/a (n/a)
  • 11:34am When I See Kingdom by Joan Creary on n/a (n/a)
  • 11:36am Marching Up To Zion by Robert Phillips on n/a (n/a)
  • 11:39am Blessed Quietness by Shem Rose & The United Blenders on n/a (n/a)
  • 11:41am Living With Jesus by Al Gibson & Myles Monroe on n/a (n/a)
  • 11:44am Man From Galilee by Larry Marshall on n/a (n/a)
  • 11:48am Mighty Redeemer by Laurel Alton on n/a (n/a)
  • 11:52am Judgment by Clancy Eccles on n/a (n/a)
  • 11:56am When I Look Back by Marvettes on n/a (n/a)
  • 11:58am Leave Babylon (excerpt) by Shem Rose & The United Blenders on n/a (n/a)
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