'Buked & Scorned: The Gospel Radio Hour

There Is An Unseen Eye

11:00am, 1-11-2015
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  1. There Is An Unseen Eye, Gloria Bailey (Henry's)
  2. Prodigal Boy, Remnant Singers (Remnant)
  3. My Jesus Save Me, Alton + Otis (Light House)
  4. My Neighbors, Mr + Mrs. Mattis (Narrow Way)
  5. When God Dipped His Pen, Otis Wright (Doctor Bird)
  6. When This Life on Earth Is Ended, Sister Jackson + Rev. VB Choir (Grace)
  7. Come Ye Sinners, Pilgrim Gordon + Berry (Pilgrim)
  8. Will the Circle Be Unbroken, Ken Parker (Jaguar)
  9. Jesus Saves, Alt Joe (Unknown)
  10. Will Your Anchor Hold, Gloria Bailey (Henry's)
  11. With His Will I Walk, Astley Dixon (Refuge)
  12. Healing Message, Evangelist Higgins (Henry's)
  13. Why Worry About Tomorrow, Peter Shakespeare + the Kingsmen (Gospel Light)
  14. A Mother And Her Son, Rev VB + the Soul Inspirators (Grace)
  15. The Day of Redemption, Gloria Bailey (Henry's)
  16. Have A Little Talk with Jesus, Otis Wright (Doctor Bird)
  17. I'll Never Look Back, Pilgrim Gordon + Berry (Pilgrim)
  18. Redemption Song, Stafford Coombs + Redemption Singers (Remnant)
  • 11:00am There Is An Unseen Eye by Gloria Bailey on n/a (Henry's)
  • 11:03am Prodigal Boy by Remnant Singers on n/a (Remnant)
  • 11:07am My Jesus Save Me by Alton & Otis on n/a (Light House)
  • 11:09am When This Life On Earth Is Ended by Sister Jackson & Rev. V.B. Choir on n/a (Grace)
  • 11:11am Come Ye Sinners by Pilgrim Gordon & Barry on n/a (Pilgrim)
  • 11:15am Will The Circle Be Broken by Ken Parker on n/a (Jaguar)
  • 11:17am Jesus Saves by Alt Joe on n/a (n/a)
  • 11:20am Will Your Anchor Hold by Gloria Bailey on n/a (Henry's)
  • 11:28am With His Will I Walk by Astley Dixon on n/a (Refuge)
  • 11:32am Healing Message by Evangelist Higgins on n/a (Henry's)
  • 11:35am Why Worry About Tomorrow by Peter Shakespeare & The Kingsmen on n/a (Gospel Light)
  • 11:38am A Mother And Her Son by Rev. V.B. & The Soul Inspirators on n/a (Grace)
  • 11:47am The Day Of Redemption by Gloria Bailey on n/a (Henry's)
  • 11:49am Have A Talk With Jesus by Otis Wright on n/a (Doctor Bird)
  • 11:53am I'll Never Look Back by Pilgrim Gordon & Berry on n/a (Pilgrim)
  • 11:57am Redemption Song by Stafford Coombs & Redemption Singers on n/a (Remnant)
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