Played   Title Artist Album Label Show  
10:04am   You Got To Believe  Dan Hicks and his Hot Licks  Striking It Rich  Blue Thumb  Chauncy Pops Buy
9:56am   Common Loon call  Common Loon  A Field Guide To Bird Songs  Houghton Mifflin Co  Chauncy Pops Buy
7:54am   Genetic Engineering  Orchestral Manouevres In The Dark  Dazzle Ships  Virgin  80lb Cardstock Buy
7:48am   Ear Dreamin'  Yoshiaki Ochi  Kankyo Ongaku: Japanese Ambient  Light In The Attic  80lb Cardstock Buy
7:46am   Genral Wizard  Zomes  Near Unison  Near Unison Records  80lb Cardstock Buy
7:45am   Slow Down  Mikal Cronin  S/T  Trouble In Mind  80lb Cardstock Buy
7:43am   Her Daughter  Lori Goldston  Things Opening  Second Editioins  80lb Cardstock Buy
7:36am   Lighthouse  Grouper  Ruins  Kranky  80lb Cardstock Buy
7:33am   Why Is There A Long Line In Front Of The Factory?  Karen Gwyer  Rembo  Don't Be Afraid  80lb Cardstock Buy
7:31am   Terra E Povo  Leonardo V. Boccia  Homenagem  Lugar Alto  80lb Cardstock Buy
7:28am   La Meta  Alessandro Cortini  Risveglio  Hospital Productions  80lb Cardstock Buy
7:25am   Wireless Tattoo  Trypheme  Thank God For Air Emotions  Da! Heard It Records  80lb Cardstock Buy
7:21am   Computer Technology  Kool Keith  Computer Technology  Junkadelic Music  80lb Cardstock Buy
7:07am   Digital Warlock  Elecktroids  Kilohertz 12"  Warp / Clone Aqualung  80lb Cardstock Buy
7:04am   This Causes Consciousnesses To Fracture  Caterina Barbieri  Patterns Of Consciousness  Important Records  80lb Cardstock Buy
6:57am   Deku Tree  Patricia  Several Shades Of The Same Color  Spectral Sound  80lb Cardstock Buy
6:54am   Death Sieve  Oil Thief  Obselescence & Monality  Chondritic Sound  80lb Cardstock Buy
6:50am   Black Tar  The Proper Ornaments  Mission Bells  Tapete  80lb Cardstock Buy
6:48am   Tenderness  Laura Gibson  Goners  Barsuk  80lb Cardstock Buy
6:43am   A Beautiful Peace  Robert Wyatt  Comicopera  Domino  80lb Cardstock Buy