Played   Title Artist Album Label Show  
8:33pm   Reso  Panasonic  Vaiko  Blast First  Galaxy My Dear Buy
8:32pm   Bonus Beat 2  Black Zone Myth Chant  Straight Cassette  Laitdbac  Galaxy My Dear Buy
8:28pm   Arabs Improved Zpan  Muslimgauze  Sulaymaniya  Staalplaat  Galaxy My Dear Buy
8:22pm   Plastic Star (Session)  Byetone  Death of a Typographer  Raster-Noton  Galaxy My Dear Buy
8:16pm   Dance At Happy Night  Aki Tsuyuko  Hokane  Childisc  Galaxy My Dear Buy
8:08pm   Morphing Leadgitarre Rückwärts  Jan Jelinek  Kosmischer Pitch  ~scape  Galaxy My Dear Buy
8:00pm   A1  Ghostride The Drift  Ghostride The Drift  xpq?  Galaxy My Dear Buy
7:58pm   Untitled  Odd Nosdam  Plan9...Meat Your Hypnotis.  Mush  Optic Echo Presents Buy
7:50pm   Journey (Aphex Twin Care Mix)  The Gentle People  Remixes 1  N/A  Optic Echo Presents Buy
7:45pm   Alaska Street  Red Snapper  Our Aim Is To Satisfy Red Snapper  Warp  Optic Echo Presents Buy
7:41pm   Himmelgeist  Angus MacRae & InsaKonjaKai  Thesis 07  Thesis  Optic Echo Presents Buy
7:34pm   Untitled  Gas  Königsforst  Mille Plateaux  Optic Echo Presents Buy
7:31pm   Waterfalls  Clams Casino  Rainforest  Tri Angle  Optic Echo Presents Buy
7:25pm   Grace  From the Mouth of the Sun  Hymn Binding  Lost Tribe Sound  Optic Echo Presents Buy
7:22pm   The Ultimate Horizon  Nest  Body Pilot 10"  Serein  Optic Echo Presents Buy
7:09pm   The Faithless  Rafael Anton Irisarri  The Shameless Years  Umor Rex  Optic Echo Presents Buy
7:00pm   The Courtesan Jigokudayu Sees Herself as a Skeleton in the Mirror of Hell  Black to Comm  Seven Horses for Seven Kings  Thrill Jockey  Optic Echo Presents Buy
6:59pm   Untitled  Godspeed You! Black Emperor  Yanqui U.X.O.  Constellation  Optic Echo Presents Buy
6:46pm   Explosions in Slow Motion  bvdub  Explosions in Slow Motion  n5MD  Optic Echo Presents Buy
6:39pm   Bug Powder Dust (Dub)  Kruder & Dorfmeister  The K&D Sessions  G-Stone Recordings   Optic Echo Presents Buy