Played   Title Artist Album Label Show  
10:36am   Vicki Waiting  Prince  Batman  WB  Chauncy Pops Buy
10:33am   Maybe It Will Rub Off  Tower Of Power  Urban Renewal  WB  Chauncy Pops Buy
10:24am   I'll Never Sail The Sea Again  The Detroit Emeralds  You Want It, You Got It  Westbound  Chauncy Pops Buy
10:21am   There Will Be A Happy Meeting In Glory  Joseph Spence  Bahaman Folk Guitar Joseph Spence  Folkways  Chauncy Pops Buy
10:17am   Charona  Michael Hurley  Bad Mr. Mike  Mississippi  Chauncy Pops Buy
10:15am   Please Read Me  The Bee Gees  1st  Atco  Chauncy Pops Buy
10:14am   Geek Down  J Dilla  Donuts  Stones Throw  Chauncy Pops Buy
10:11am   La Guerre Des Etoiles  Dominique Paturel  L'Empire contre Attaque  Buena Vista  Chauncy Pops Buy
10:08am   Frank  Ween  The Pod  Shimmy Disc  Chauncy Pops Buy
10:03am   Zyde-cool  Rockin' Dopsie  Crowned Prince Of Zydeco  Maison de Soul  Chauncy Pops Buy
10:00am   Seasons of My Heart  Jerry Lee Lewis  All Country  Smash  Chauncy Pops Buy
9:56am   Microcomputer  Notstandskomitee  Automatenmusik  Block 4  80lb. Cardstock Buy
9:52am   Off The Planet  CrushHerr  12"  Suction Records  80lb. Cardstock Buy
9:48am   Found Drama  Latest Fad  LSD Spider  Fading Systems  80lb. Cardstock Buy
9:44am   Et Caetera  Sene  I Heard You Laughing 12"  Unknown Precept  80lb. Cardstock Buy
9:40am   Mello Tron  Useless Idea  Split 12"  Suction Records  80lb. Cardstock Buy
9:18am   Heaven And Hell Pt. 1  Vangelis  Heaven And Hell  RCA  80lb. Cardstock Buy
9:12am   E=OMS2  Beauty Czars  V/A - Exposit  Royal Beagle  80lb. Cardstock Buy
9:07am   Back To Zero  RX-101  New Discoveries  Suction Records  80lb. Cardstock Buy
9:01am   Ink  Loscil  The Sails Pt. 2  Kranky  80lb. Cardstock Buy
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