Coffin Club
9:00pm Saturday, July 2, 2022

TICKETS | $13 Advance, $15 at the Door

21+ Only

This party event is the ten year anniversary of Songs from Under the Floorboard featuring live performances by Curse Mackey, from Austin TX, widely respected in the industrial darkwave scene as longtime vocalist for Pigface, as a member of My Life With Thrill Kill Kult and his collabs with Clan of Xymox. Curse's debut solo album "Instant Exorcism" was considered a genre best for 2019 and he'll be back with a new album this year. Curse is making his first appearance at Coffin Club!

Supported by Portland's fast-rising Puerta Negra (featuring members of Lizard Skin and Vueltas) AND the noir pop/dark shoegaze 4-piece Luscious Apparatus in their debut live performance! This will be a great night of dark synth, shoegaze, industrial festivities!

Show Bar @ Revolution Hall
12:00pm11:00pm Saturday, July 30, 2022

It’s an endless sunny day. Eclectic music is pulsing through the air. Delicious eats and libations are being enjoyed by all. After all that time in quarantine and after that long, record-breaking winter, the whole community is coming together to celebrate. Music is vibing, records are being swapped, there are workshops and activities the whole fam can enjoy, and everyone you love is there having fun at your side…

This is the Portland July of your rainy winter dreams. Complete with XRAY favorites from the Saturday schedule--it'll be a day with XRAY you won't want to miss. 

Come thirsty. Bring your friends and neighbors. And get ready to dance.

Vinyl Fair: 

As part of this event, we'll be hosting a Vinyl Fair. More information available to the public closer to the event. 

To register as a vendor for the Vinyl Fair, please go here. 

Add The Event to Your Calendar.

More details to be released as the event approaches.   

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