World Famous Kenton Club
8:00pm Saturday, March 2, 2024

Dance to vintage vinyl (1950-1980) by women!
Soul - Rock - Pop - Blues - Latin - International - Disco - Glam
Familiar Favorites & Rarities!

It's my Women's History Month dance party just in time to lift our spirits and rile us up for the next election season!
We'll celebrate women who made it through the gauntlet, past the gatekeepers long enough to make their voices heard. Whether they released dozens of records or just one, these women created the musical document of our experiences, thoughts, & feelings during a time when women's rights were becoming a political issue.

This party will also feature a celebration of inductees into the DJ Action Slacks Dance Hall of Flame: Eartha Kitt, Nancy Sinatra, Aretha Franklin, Elza Soares (Brasil), Las Hermanas Navarro (Mexico), Carmen McRae, Lulu (Scotland), and possibly others.

So, on Saturday March 2nd I hope folks will join me and my special guest DJ Glitterous (Carmella Ortiz of XRAY's Wayward Girls) at the Kenton Club to dance to a variety of music made by women. Let's celebrate our endurance, perseverance, talents, creativity, and humanity.

"Respected Ladyland" alludes to a place where I think so many women would love to exist. I know I would personally like to live in a land where I'm seen and believed, valued, treated with respect, compensated fairly without exploitation, free from intimidation or harassment, with autonomy over my own body and mind. Maybe if we envision such a place it could someday become real. Until then, LET'S DANCE ABOUT IT!!!

For this edition of Respected Ladyland we're going to try blocking the time:
8 pm - 10pm will be mostly 1950s & 1960s music
10pm to Midnight will be mostly 1960s & 1970s music

Sliding scale at the door $10 - $20

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