OMSI Bridge Lot
8:00pm Thursday, July 1, 202111:00pm Sunday, September 26, 2021

TICKETS // GA: $20 per person // VIP: $30 per person (includes VIP seating, parking, food & drink voucher)

Kids 5 & under are free.

Enjoy great movies, food, drinks (including beer, wine, cocktails) & spectacular waterfront sunsets!

Food and beverages available for purchase. Music from XRAY DJs begins once doors open and films begin at dusk. A limited number of chairs are available on a first-come basis, so feel free to bring a chair or blanket, along with a light sweater or jacket.



Weekend 1 – The Deep Search

  • July 1 Life Aquatic, DJ Bobby D of Night School
  • July 2 Wonder Woman, DJ Emoji Heap of Radio UwU
  • July 3 Nomadland, DJ Bob Ham of Double Bummer

Weekend 2 – Tiger Beat! The Heartthrobs of Gen X

  • July 10 Beetlejuice, DJ Bob Ham of Double Bummer
  • July 11 Say Anything..., DJ PHNM of Phenomenal Disco

Weekend 3 –  ‘90s Slumber Party Weekend

  • July 17 House Party, DJ Honest John of Savage Beat
  • July 18 Clueless, DJ Honest John of Savage Beat

Weekend 4 – Shake It Dance-Along

  • July 25 Zola, DJ Serious Moonlight of Intuitive Navigation

Weekend 5 –Solve The Mystery Movies!

  • July 31 Knives Out, DJ Womb Service of Much Finer
  • August 1 Sherlock Holmes, DJ Kyle Reese of VCR TV

The following events have been moved to the OMSI Bridge Lot. 

Weekend 6

  • Thu, September 9th, Valley Girl, DJ Bob Ham of Double Bummer
  • Fri, September 10th, Dirty Dancing, DJ Nate C of Heavy Metal Sewing Circle
  • Sat, September 11th, Beats, Rhymes & Life: The Travels of a Tribe Called Quest, DJ Bob Ham of Double Bummer

Weekend 7 

  • Thu, September 16th, The Dark Crystal, DJ Nate C of Heavy Metal Sewing Circle
  • Fri, September 17th, The Green Knight, DJ Ambush of Eastern Standard Time, The Numberz, & News with my Fiance
  • Sat, September 18th, Shrek, DJ Chancie of Welcome to Your Good Day 

Weekend 8

  • Thu, September 23rd, Brokeback Mountain, DJ Ryan Bunao of Radio UwU
  • Fri, September 24th, Selena, DJ James Dineen of Sessions from the Box
  • Sat, September 25th, Mars Attacks, DJLX of DiaspoRADIO Show

Mississippi Studios
9:00pm11:00pm Thursday, September 23, 2021


21+ // Doors 8PM // Show 9PM

TICKETS: $20 Advance & Day of Show

Armand Hammer

"Armand Hammer raps from another dimension, it's on us to catch up" - NPR

"The rappers are superb foils for one another" - Pitchfork

Haram is a mercurial collaboration between incendiary rap duo Armand Hammer, and living legend The Alchemist. For the first time ELUCID and billy woods have crafted an album with a single producer and the result is extraordinary. With their unmatched penchant for stirring imagery and incisive storytelling, the two rappers dive into an ocean of Alchemist’s creation: warmly inviting on the surface, black and bonecrushingly cold at depth. Haram is a collection of the profane and the pure; a reminder that that which is forbidden is also sacrosanct.

The artists are joined by their friends and fellow travelers on this journey. KAYANA’s golden voice upps the wattage on “Black Sunlight,” while Fielded’s sultry alto gets chopped and screwed on “Aubergine”. Earl Sweatshirt makes a sun-soaked appearance, while Curly Castro and Amani mix like ice and salt on Brooklyn sidewalks and Quelle Chris, as always, finds a pocket all his own. Still, there is a natural rapport that belies the New York-to-Los Angeles-and-back nature of the project, allowing Haram to be more than the sum of its parts, however impressive those parts may be. This isn’t just the genre’s most insistent contemporary voices paired with arguably its best producer. This is when you buy a beautiful house only to discover, hidden behind a heavy bookcase, a stairway twisting up and away into the darkness.

Open Mike Eagle

Humor can conceal and alleviate the pain of trauma, but no joke will erase it. Even Wu-Tang Clan told you that tears come after laughter. Relief comes only from opening every emotional and psychological wound.

Open Mike Eagle spent the 2010s finding comedy in rap music and American nightmares. On albums like ​Brick Body Kids Still Daydream ​and ​Dark Comedy​, he delivered hilarious socio-political insights via half-sung verses laid atop progressive production. Acclaim from publications like ​Pitchfork,​ ​Rolling Stone​, and​ NPR​ coincided with headlining solo tours and top-billing at events like Adult Swim Festival. Between studio sessions, Eagle co-founded The New Negroes, a standup-meets-music variety show that explores perceptions of blackness. He and co-founder Baron Vaughn brought the show to Upright Citizens Brigade, Comedy Central, and venues around the U.S. Since founding his record label Auto Reverse Records, though, Eagle has scaled back the jokes. He’s finally unpacking his traumas and acknowledging their impact.

With over a dozen solo and collaborative projects to his name, Eagle has spent his career redefining and expanding the parameters of “art rap,” the term he coined as a shorthand for leftfield and avant-garde rap music. On ​Dark Comedy,​ which Pitchfork called “one of the most compelling indie-rap listens of [2014],” he chronicled everything from smartphone addiction to the realities of being an indie artist in the streaming era with self-deprecation and side-splitting absurdity. 2017’s ​Brick Body Kids Still Daydream​ (Mello Music Group) marked Eagle’s shift toward examining trauma. Here he waded through the rubble of Chicago’s demolished Robert Taylor Homes, where several family members once lived. Part documentary and part tribute, BBKSD b​ lended powerful fantasy and grim reality. It illustrated the strength and vulnerability of a community afflicted by institutional racism and the enduring pains of life in the projects. There were few jokes but decades of survival.

Anime, Trauma, and Divorce​ is Eagle’s first full-length album on Auto Reverse and the most personal project of his career. On the verge of middle age, reeling from the collapse of his marriage, he probes the darkness of his past and searches for lights to guide him forward. This is the sound of a broken man sifting through the pieces while trying to rebuild, the struggle to self-critique while practicing self-care. Do you disassociate by envisioning yourself as the lead in your favorite anime, or do you reflect on your headass behavior? Tattoos and beer or push-ups and smoothies? Executive produced by renowned rock producer Jacknife Lee (U2, R.E.M.), the album’s few features include Auto Reverse artist Video Dave and Eagle’s son. ​Anime, Trauma, and Divorce​ finds Eagle virtually alone, doing his best to reject the humor that will not cure his ills. All is not well, but he’s never been better.




Mississippi Studios
8:00pm10:00pm Tuesday, September 28, 2021

21+ // Doors 7pm // Show 8pm

TICKETS // $15 Advance, $17 Day of Show


10 years ago this April — April 1st to be exact — Chicago’s Ratboys put out their first collection of songs. The RATBOY EP, consisting of five indie-folk dorm room recordings, was free to download on Bandcamp and humbly passed around to friends on social media.

Cut to 2021, and Ratboys would normally be celebrating their 10-year anniversary on the road, playing a mix of songs from their very first release to their most recent, last year’s critically-acclaimed Printer’s Devil. Instead, just two weeks after the album’s February 2020 release and mere days before heading out on their first headline tour, the COVID-19 pandemic forced all touring to a halt. Despite not being able to play in-person shows for the past year, Ratboys has managed to stay busy by performing their music online via their own Virtual Tour series and by finding a different way to celebrate their first decade of being a band.

Lots of time at home last year gave Ratboys a chance to hit the studio, which has led to Happy Birthday, Ratboy, a surprise party of a new album featuring 10 brand new recordings of the band’s earliest songs + a newly-written bonus track entitled “Go Outside.”

Wild Pink’s last album, 2018’s Yolk In The Fur, concluded with a song about the strange sense of relief that comes with “letting go of youth.” Frontman John Ross, then in his early thirties, was singing from a place of newfound comfort and wisdom, but it ended with a repetition of the line, “I don’t know what happens next.” The song, titled “All Some Frenchman’s Joke”, is a beautifully concise rendering of a universal milestone: leveling up from the wide-eyed naivety and self-destructive routines of our youth, only to realize that we’re as unprepared for the future as we were for the past.

On Wild Pink’s third album and first for Royal Mountain Records, A Billion Little Lights, Ross explores that dichotomy of finally achieving emotional security—of accepting the love and peace he deprived himself of in his twenties—while also feeling existentially smaller and more directionless than ever before. The record is a two-pronged triumph: an extraordinary reflection on the human condition presented through the sharpest, grandest, and most captivating songs Wild Pink have ever composed.




Mississippi Studios
8:00pm10:00pm Tuesday, February 15, 2022

21+ // Doors 7PM // Show 8PM

TICKETS: $20 Advance & Day of Show

The Weather Station

Ignorance, the forthcoming album by The Weather Station, begins enigmatically; a hissing hi hat, a stuttering drum beat. A full minute passes before the entry of Tamara Lindeman’s voice, gentle, conversational, intoning; “I never believed in the robber”. A jagged music builds, with stabbing strings, saxophone, and several layers of percussion, and the song undulates through five minutes of growing tension, seesawing between just two chords. Once again, Toronto songwriter Tamara Lindeman has remade what The Weather Station sounds like; once again, she has used the occasion of a new record to create a new sonic landscape, tailor-made to express an emotional idea. Ignorance, Lindeman’s debut for Mississippi label Fat Possum Records, is sensuous, ravishing, as hi fi a record as Lindeman has ever made, breaking into pure pop at moments, at others a dense wilderness of notes; a deeply rhythmic, deeply painful record that feels more urgent, more clear than her work ever has.