Played   Title Artist Album Label Show  
3:04pm   Fountain of Truth  Day Dreems  Day Dreems  self released  Mod Lang Buy
3:00pm   When the Time Comes  Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers  You're Gonna Get It!  MCA  Mod Lang Buy
8:03am   Acid Rain  Teeth  Baby Duckling  Self Release  XRAY's Morning Mix Buy
7:59am   Code Switching  Black Art Jazz Collective  Truth to Power  Highnote  XRAY's Morning Mix Buy
7:52am   You're the One  Ronnie Foster  Delight  Columbia  XRAY's Morning Mix Buy
7:45am   You Never Now  Iron and Wine  Single  Sub Pop  XRAY's Morning Mix Buy
7:12am   We Got to Change  James Brown  Single  UMG  XRAY's Morning Mix Buy
7:00am   Bored  Waxahatchee  Single  Anti-  XRAY's Morning Mix Buy
1:52am   Vigilante Crusade  Bohren and Der Club of Gore  Black Earth  Ipecac  The Hearing Music Buy
1:48am   Moungod Tedeum  Ghost  s/t  Drag City  The Hearing Music Buy
1:42am   Burning Telegraph  This Invitation  Sunless / Ellipses, Lapses, and Collapses  Distinct Mirror Music  The Hearing Music Buy
1:37am   Shaking Hell  Sonic Youth  Confuison is Sex  SST  The Hearing Music Buy
1:35am   I want It  Transmission  Untitled  Audible Hiss  The Hearing Music Buy
1:33am   Impossible Bouquet  No Age   Nouns  Sub Pop  The Hearing Music Buy
1:28am   Third Movement  Glenn Branca  Symphony No. 3 (Gloria) (Music For The First 127 Intervals Of The Harmonic Series)  Atavistic  The Hearing Music Buy
1:25am   Keechie  No Age  Nouns  Sub Pop  The Hearing Music Buy
1:21am   Stray  Wet Dip  Smell of Money  Feel It  The Hearing Music Buy
1:18am   Holy Man  Chaser  Planned Obsolescence  Decoherence  The Hearing Music Buy
1:15am   Dog Deer A Seal  Hit Bargain  Dog A Deer A Seal  Get Better   The Hearing Music Buy
1:11am   Whine  Violence Creeps  Soul Narc  Digital Regress  The Hearing Music Buy
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