Gina Altamura (DJ Serious Moonlight) of Portland nightclub Holocene and Akila Fields (DJ Palm Dat) of Shy Girls team up for a groove-rich and shimmering weekly journey through just-released tracks in the realms of modern R&B, UK Soul and electronic pop.
The PDX Pop Now! show is dedicated to celebrating Portland’s vital and diverse music community with a focus on upcoming all ages shows and Portland releases. Learn more about our organization at www.pdxpopnow.org
New music, classic hits, and rare gems from the Bridge City, the Pacific Northwest, and beyond!
Two idiots talking.
Compelling News, Culture, People, and Stories ACTIVE on the RADIO with host Jamie Mustard, co-host Kris Regentin and special guests.
News, stories and voices of Portland's underrepresented communities from outside the mainstream bubble (i.e. where we all actually live). Hosted by intrepid local nerd Jenn Chavez.
New music that will be classic in 20 years. Classics that sound current.
The finest in modern soul, boogie & outsider funk. Sounds new & old presented by DJ Bobby D + a wide range of local & national acts. www.nightschool.us
The Non Profit Hour: a weekly look at Portland's nonprofits and do-gooders with interviews, profiles, and documentaries. Hosted by Phil Busse and Julie Falk. Produced and edited by Molly Jean Bennett.
Bringing you the very best from the northwest and worldwide in hip hop, funk, soul and R&B. Featuring in studio performances and exclusive releases from NW artists.
Go find yourself a new band! Sessions From The Box is the live concert experience without the sticky floor. Live sessions and interviews from local and touring bands. No genres, just great music.
A West Coast-centric blend of tunes yr going to hear tomorrow, but heard today. One part local + one part national with a twist. Brewed in yr garage + aged in yr hippy uncle's record cabinet, THIS IS BORROWED TIME.
Now in its 10th year of broadcast, @HelloCruelWorld presents new music (in subgenres from folk to rock, PDX to worldwide) and in-studio performances.
PDX Pop Now! co-founder Ross Beach helps get your weekend started by spinning Portland music, previewing upcoming concerts, airing strange pieces of audio, and exploring eclectic musical sounds of the western world.
Product of the 80's is a show that aims to look at the world from a quasi millennial view and bring a fun and honest conversation to the table about art, politics, culture, community, and just everyday life in general. We hope to entertain while we inform or at least open up minds to be able to have a discussion without any animosity.
A 101-year old discussion on the topics that affect Portlanders and Oregonians.