Each week scholars explore the worlds of literature, science, the arts, politics, history, and business through lively discussion with our ever curious host Sarah McConnell.
Grow PDX is a show focusing on horticulture, urban gardening, community food systems and agriculture. This call-in show is hosted by Weston Miller, Community and Urban Horticulturist. Listen in to get the real dirt!
America's Number One Progressive Radio Show
Two idiots talking.
News, stories and voices of Portland's underrepresented communities from outside the mainstream bubble (i.e. where we all actually live). Hosted by intrepid local nerd Jenn Chavez.
The Non Profit Hour: a weekly look at Portland's nonprofits and do-gooders with interviews, profiles, and documentaries. Hosted by Phil Busse and Julie Falk. Produced and edited by Molly Jean Bennett.
Talk Programming selections curated by XRAY.fm.
Reveal combines the power and artistry of “driveway moment” storytelling with data-rich reporting on critically important issues. The result is stories that inform and inspire, arming our listeners with information to right injustices, hold the powerful accountable and improve lives.
The music business is half the size it was ten years ago, and many people believe music should be free. On The Future of What we talk to musicians and allies to find out what's happening now and where we're going. Is there a future for music... or what?
Looking for the smart, the funny, and the weird? Start your mornings here to find it. Tune in, and we'll supply information, discussion, and comic relief to keep you informed, around the corner and across the globe. Radio is Yours!
A live call-in show about the three things that matter most. Non Comedian Shannon Graves and writer Arthur Bradford, experts in all three subjects, take your calls as they search for that sweet spot where sex, drugs, and basketball intersect. Call in with your relationship queries, stoner epiphanies, and Trailblazer insights. It’s all welcome here.
Weaving the narratives of successful artists and key players in the music industry into a half-hour podcast and radio show.
Blazer's Edge Radio with Peter Sampson brings you the best in local Blazers talk. Featuring game previews, analysis, live callers, sports media guests, and post-game interviews.
A curated selection of XRAY talk programming.
Amplifying voices in progress of social justice issues to support our community and beyond. Hosted by Andre Middleton every Monday.
Philosophy on the radio? You've got to be kidding? Well, sometimes we do (kid, that is). Mostly we look at today's important ideas with an eye to thinking them through.
Big Picture Science is a one-hour radio show and podcast that connects ideas in surprising and humorous ways to illuminate the origins, the behavior, and the future of life—and technology—on Earth.
IS BUTTER A CARB? is a hybrid advice and music show by Megan Hattie and DJ Mami Miami on XRAY FM. To get advice of your own, text/call live on air or text/leave us a voicemail at 93-73-HELPUS and we'll discuss it next show!
The Magic Hour is a show about creativity, reality, being human beings, and other weirdness. Featuring Portland author Anthony Alvarado and comedian Jason Traeger as hosts. We talk with creative and innovative thinkers about dreams, magic, drugs, philosophy and spirituality.
Through the lens of science, hosts Kira Klingenberg & Keera Lindenberg (yes, really) explore surprisingly fascinating topics — like hive minds, sea monkeys, and lactose intolerance — in a way that everyone, despite their inherent level of nerdy-ness, can enjoy.
The Mirror Cave Podcast explores consciousness, mysticism, spirituality, and how they intersect with the complex narratives of human lives. Produced by Scott Harrison.
The Radio Survivor podcast is a weekly show that explores the future of radio that matters, with a focus on community, college and low-power FM, along with podcasting and internet radio.
Content from KXRW Vancouver, featuring rotating shows highlighting content by, for, and about Vancouver and the people who live there.... or just come to visit.
Product of the 80's is a show that aims to look at the world from a quasi millennial view and bring a fun and honest conversation to the table about art, politics, culture, community, and just everyday life in general. We hope to entertain while we inform or at least open up minds to be able to have a discussion without any animosity.
This is a text and call in show devoted to sex, love, and relationship advice.
A 101-year old discussion on the topics that affect Portlanders and Oregonians.
Tech Execs who don't fit the mold.
Compelling News, Culture, People, and Stories ACTIVE on the RADIO with host Jamie Mustard, co-host Kris Regentin and special guests.