Melted Radio Melted Radio explores “the space between taste", a hazy zone where 60's psych & country co-exist peacefully alongside 80's synth, weirdo folk, and international pop hits.
DJ YETI AKA Mike McGonigal plays a selection of killer rare, raw gospel music from his collection of thousands of records. He’s overseen reissues of gospel for Tompkins Square, Mississippi, Penniman, City Hall, Honest Jons and his own Social Music label.
Progressive rock over 4.5 decades. Or a 12 step addiction program? Your choice and your fix.
A compilation of forums and debates from City Club of Portland, PDX Forward, and more leading up to the May 17th, 2022 election.
Often intergalactic and mostly subterranean, 80lb. Cardstock explores the audible realm of interesting sounds, tones, and frequencies. Electro-Acoustic Enthusiasts Unite! Join Scott (aka DJ Ruth R. Ford) every Sunday morning from 8AM-10AM.
Tune in to Alive With Pleasure, Friday afternoons from 2-4pm as PDX Pop Now! co-founder Ross Beach previews upcoming concerts, spins all eras of Portland/Pacific Northwest music, and takes you on an exploration of our rapidly changing musical landscape.
A journey into all things relative, jazz funk soul disco R&B deep house along with a lot more. Guest dj & producers from abroad,will be interviewed in their expertise of fine music. Local talent will also be featured.
Jen Coyne hosts the show about living an authentic life.
Join us on a world wide tour in the form of sounds and voices. School is in session; time to do some learning/unlearning/relearning.
Unvarnished sounds, unsung singers, demo obscurities, vanguard traditionalists, buried history.
The sound of the streets. Low and slow. Lost highway. Beach tracks worldwide.
Playing some of the latest in dubstep, grime, jungle, footwork, hip hop, and more from PDX and around the globe. Featuring guest mixes from local and international DJ's/Producers.
Redefining the Adult Contemporary radio format, exploding the definition while simultaneously mashing together all the AC categories into one big messy family... from classic feelgood rockers to spiritual free jazz, immerse yourself in the new AC
About the art, culture, economics and business of beer and brewing with hosts Jeff Alworth (The Beer Bible, The Secrets of Master Brewers) and Oregon State University economics professor Patrick Emerson.
Punk, Post-Punk, New Wave, No Wave and other rich wholesome cherry goodness from the Golden Era
80s & 90s Alternative *rock, grunge, new wave, dance, pop, aud, goth
Blazer's Edge Radio brings you the best in local Portland Trail Blazers talk, as well as other hot topics around the NBA.
All original vinyl, from all over the world. Player of places from parts unknown, from Fuzz to Handclaps all come together in the hands of MorningRemorse .
A West Coast-centric blend of tunes yr going to hear tomorrow, but heard today. One part local + one part national with a twist. Brewed in yr garage + aged in yr hippy uncle's record cabinet, THIS IS BORROWED TIME.
A podcast about the Portland Pickles.
Warning..this is not a Radio Show. It's a state of mind. Repping hard for haunting beauty, magic, and the weird.
Ear inserts (may affect balance), exhumations and curios.
Anjali and The Kid present International classics & unknown pop gems from their vintage vinyl collections. With a focus on retro Bollywood & the Latin diaspora, you can also expect to hear Panjabi folk, Qawwali, South Asian filmi (Lollywood, Tollywood & Kollywood) as well as 60's Pop (French, Thai, etc.)
Movies, music and madness! With your host, Jesus Trincado.
Rad music (or close enough). Join the hunt for lost gems and new treasures every Wednesday at 7pm. We serve indie rock, global psychedelica, lo-fi, art punk, a particular sort of americana, Portland-centric, international pop, folkishness, and real rock and good radio.
A 101-year old discussion on the topics that affect Portlanders and Oregonians.
All things loud that ultimately will piss off yr neighbors when turned to 11! Punk, metal, goth, power violence, garage, crust, grind, h/c, Noise,thrash, rap, industrial coming straight out the underground. Local and international DIY and independent label releases.
A small hour of electronic music from the last four decades. All vinyl, with an emphasis on melody over mayhem whenever possible. Classics, gems, and oddities abound.
A live broadcast of Democracy Now's daily global, independent news hour, hosted by award-winning journalists Amy Goodman and Juan González.
A music and laughter based show, playing a variety of genres of music from country to hip hop, with funny rants and clips.
A two hour exploration of the current experimental music scene.
Psychotronic Classics meet the Mutant Wave Hits of Today
Dragonfly explores stories, examining how they work, interviews with local storytellers and an installment of an original story series.
Head nodding, jansport backpack rocking, army fatigues wearing, chew stick bitting, fang clenching, bubble vest flossing, t-shirt wrapped around the head hip hop. This is not hip hop for the casual listener. we will be taking deep dives into classic ra
Welcome to the back half of the week! DJ Jimbo plays modern, classic and in-between. International and domestic jams.
Host Michael Sarno explores music that's been forgotten, but shouldn't have been.
Music that makes you feel some type a way. R&B, hip hop, throwbacks, funk, vintage + modern international gems for your Saturday night pre-funk.
Anthony Alvarado author of DIY Magic talks with counter culture creators, outside the box thinkers, and creative spirits about the mind, psyche, art, and the future.
Rock music of the 90s, its influences, and the aftermath.
Getting you through your Friday afternoon with new songs, local music, and awesome sounds from artists coming through Portland.
A weekly rotation of youth DJs playing a diversity of genres, sharing what the youth of the PNW are listening to.
A show about technology releases, AI machine learning & the rest… Anchored by Daniel Trainer, Future Forecast promises its listeners a tantalizing take on technology. Covering media news, and of course, all the latest in matters of gadgetry. This show is marked by triumphs, failures, serendipity and insight into the 2020s.
Otherworldly sounds to deep dance madness brought to you by Jason U.
Gender Reveal is a podcast for nonbinary folks, for people who don't know what "nonbinary" means, and everyone in between.
Exciting sounds from all over the world. Covering a new country every week.
A mixed bag of nutz with indie rock jams, shoegaze, folk, unreleased tracks, concert previews and festival favorites. We’ll bring you up high and light, and then down low and gloomy when you’re in the Ghost Chapel.  
Purveyors of night music, offering vast selections of industrial noise, grave-wave, goth melodies, heavy riffs, big bass, and dark ambiance, with a touch of witchy folk and horror classics.
Bay Area Hip Hop Collective Grand Nationxl's Brookfield Duece, Mani Draper and Kevin Allen host Grand Nationxl Radio playing New, Classic & Underground Hip Hop, R&B, and Classic Funk & Soul.
Radio that stays crunchy - even in milk! Music for kids, but not kid music. Tune in to your childhood, or bridge the gap and turn a kid on to the wonders of radio. Greasy grooves, strange stories, birthday hollers and pancakes!
Drawing broadly from world interpretations of rock, soul, and punk, HEAD EAST brings you thee grooves, beats, riffs, and bleeps that matter to defining heaviness. Shaking up genres from the mid-60s thru the 80s with occasional newer jams, let's head east.
Classic rock and heavy metal collide on the Heavy Metal Sewïng Cïrcle. Great singing and songwriting in loud and heavy music will help the faint of heart ease into things, and killer nuggets will be unearthed for the initiated. No earplugs required. \m/
Hello Cruel World brings the worlds of singer/songwriters and acoustic music to you every Thursday from 3-4pm with conversations and in-studio performances as often as possible.
Hipsters Suck = postpunksynthpsychnoisewhatever; punctuated with pretentiousness (See, I used a semi-colon!).
The nineteen-eighties. Electro - new wave - old school. Presented by Portland's very own DJ Triple M.
Hoot 'N Howl is 60 minutes of pure vinyl OLDIES! Real, rare, and rockin' 45's & LP's of the 1940's thru late 1960's in a cross genre blend of scratchy classics and hidden gems.
Wild, weird, psych, soul, country jammers, easy on the ears, rock n' roll. No genre exclusions, just quality control.
Existential mood music to soothe the midnight malaise.
In Search of Portland is a continuing journey through the city we love: a celebration of old and new landmarks, and the dreamers who populate them.
In These Streets is a curation of music that thrives from listeners ... The Streetz!. Hosted by Portland's own DJ O.G.ONE. Want to know what's poppin' in urban music? Tune Into These Streetz!
A variety of vintage music anchored in 1950s/1960s rock ‘n’ roll and soul music, occasionally extending backward or forward in time. Step Inside the Wizard’s Hat!
Weekly interviews with key people on key issues and topics in Washington County.
New-R&B, hip-hop, UK Soul, and the latest in electronic pop. Feels-talk, moon-talk, and sultry jams.
Jazz In the New Millennium is a one-hour program focusing in-depth on an individual living jazz artist each week.
Kate Kaye is a longtime tech reporter currently based in Portland, OR who has dabbled in reporting, podcasting and lots of record-spinning as her alter ego, Calamity Kate, on the XRAY.fm airwaves. Look for more of Kate's reporting at her site RedTail
Spinning from 1 - 7 while you get your turkey on!
Kevin Berry takes you on a weekly walk down memory lane.
Content from KXRW Vancouver, featuring rotating shows highlighting content by, for, and about Vancouver and the people who live there.... or just come to visit.
Guten Morgen/Nacht, mein Kaetschien! Listen to an eclectic mix of the avant garde and absurd, and things in between. Minimal and maximalist electronics, dark ambient, post punk, noise, rock and noisy rock.
Best in beat based music. Hip-Hop, House, Funk, Soul, Disco, Beats.
Exploring the species of sound, from classic to contemporary, domestic to international - rock, pop, soul, psychedelia, and everything in between. Serving up esoteric themes, genre revues, and a weekly cure for your case of the Mondays.
Finding a path through jazz, indie electronic, and experimental from around the world.
All manner of guitar oriented pop/punk/rock/soul/garage with a local emphasis served here!
Wild, weird and dirty pop, novelty and dance tunes from the '20s, '30s and beyond! Black string bands, hillbilly blues, hot jazz, sweet vocal groups and more.
A Mostly-Vinyl Eclectic mix of Rarities and Old School Gems, spanning Post-Punk, New Wave, Electronic, Experimental, Prog, Psych, Soul, Garage, Psych, Library Music, Soundtracks, and local Portland bands. Every 2nd and 4th Monday with DJ Womb Service.
What would the Mudd Club sound like if it was still open 40 years later? The Mudd Club creates a dialogue between songs. The Mudd Club does not shy away from abrasive atonal sounds, nor from melodic sweet productions. It’s the juxtaposition of these sounds that creates the most compelling story for the audience.
Kristin B. spins new and old favorites from the wide worlds of pop, indie, psych, soul, strum and drum, drone, twang, and lo-fi for your hi-fi. Special emphasis on the News (Zealand, Jersey and York).
Medieval / early music / fantasy film OSTs.
We believe in the freedom of music, we also believe in the discussion and critique of music, but most importantly we believe in the power that music has with bringing us all together.
The finest in Portland soul, jazz, disco & outsider funk. Lost tapes rediscovered. Interviews with local musicians. Presented by Bobby D, the program has become the oral history platform for the Albina Music Trust label & arts education entity. www.nightschool.us Instagram: @albinamusictrust
Nocturnal Emissions plays a mix of indie, underground, noisy stuff, local, national, international, girls, guys... All of that presented with a French twist and non-faked French accents but understandable for the American ear… hopefully!
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Host Brandon Heimbigner is a show that seeks to tell the unique stories of the people and places that can only be found in Clark County, WA
Live mixes of ambient, experimental, & modern classical vinyl with downtempo roots. Highlights of current music in these genres, with some old favorites snuck in.
A lost and found of shadowed sounds from past and present, Past Haunts focuses on both the seedy and ethereal side of the contemporary underground. For more show info visit: www.pasthaunts.com
The PDX Pop Now! show is dedicated to celebrating Portland’s vital and diverse music community with a focus on upcoming all ages shows and Portland releases. Learn more about our organization at www.pdxpopnow.org
Your host @PHNM presents a dive into the depths of disco and surrounding sounds of the 70's.
Welcome to the working week. Every Monday we dust out the darker corners of vinyl, from the 1960's onward. Focusing on post-punk, its blueprints and enduring influence; a full two hours dedicated to the back covers of the back of the back of the crates.
The hottest new podcasts from XRAY.fm.
Welcome to Policy for the People, a show that explores the public policies that can lift up all Oregonians.
Secret music, unsung masterpieces, rarities and obscure ear worms. Vintage and new African, Kraut, Caribbean, psychedelic, dub, soul, jazz and beyond!
A weekly show hosted by Portland's own Noche Libre DJ Collective
Talk Programming selections curated by XRAY.fm.
The Radio Survivor podcast is a weekly show that explores the future of radio that matters, with a focus on community, college and low-power FM, along with podcasting and internet radio.
UwU is a transgender and gender non-conforming artist collective committed to prioritizing QTPoC and uplifting our community through art, action, and advocacy. Catch us every Friday night from 11p.m.-12a.m. where every week will make you want to get up and dance to your heart's content!
The Ralph Nader Radio Hour is a weekly talk show. Nader is joined by co-hosts Steve Skrovan and David Feldman for a lively informative hour of interviews and thought-provoking discussions of the week's news.
Re-Imagined Radio produces and shares sound-based storytelling as live performances, radio broadcasts, listening events, live stream and on demand audio, and beyond. All these outcomes are undertaken as literary-media art and performance for contemporary audiences.
Record Lections is a weekly zine where DJ hell books extrapolates vinyl gems that have influenced him as a devotee to the music idiom.
A wide variety of music, from the genre-defining to the genre-defying, with an emphasis on the music of the 60s and 70s.
The Rogue Apostles are James Tolson, Faith Spencer, Amanda Lynn Deal, Scott, Zane, and Steven. Each Wednesday, they discuss the latest in Pop Culture and Current Events with their own unique and humorous take
The best of XRAY on repeat!
The best of XRAY on repeat!
Time to roll out the Persian rug and get freaky! Let your ears do all the work during this magic carpet ride through the airwaves. It's sure to be filled with obscurities, new releases, and cult favorites.
Your weekly dose of news from The Numberz.
a weekly, hour-long, almost entirely vinyl-based show focusing on the intersection between a (world)wide variety of musics and the exponential proliferation of synthesized sound, from the late 70’s on
SAVAGE BEAT is garage, surf, proto-punk and a little more of the like plus some out of character stuff from time to time! Weirdo screamers and trashy creepers.
A weekly exploration of African and African American sounds from the '60's, '70's and beyond with cross-genre journeys into psych-rock, funk, disco, R&B, Soul, blues and the many flavors of jazz. Sounds of liberation, love, identity, the spiritual and pure groove from the greatest musical tradition your mind and body will ever embrace.A weekly exploration of African and African American sounds from the '60's, '70's and beyond with cross-genre journeys into psych-rock, funk, disco, R&B, Soul, blues and the many flavors of jazz. Sounds of liberation, love, identity, the spiritual and pure groove from the greatest musical tradition your mind and body will ever embrace.
Go find yourself a new band! Sessions From The Box is the live concert experience without the sticky floor. Live sessions and interviews from local and touring bands. No genres, just great music.
A live call-in show about the three things that matter most. Host Arthur Bradford takes your calls and texts live on the air. Text in with your relationship queries, stoner epiphanies, and Trailblazer insights. It’s all welcome here.
house & disco mostly + a little techno here & acid there. queer rave moments. house divas. getting ready music. peak boogie music. put on lingerie and clean your house on mushrooms music
A mix of goth, shoegaze, post-punk, ethereal, darkwave and dark 80's, Classic tracks and new tunes weekly!
60 minutes dedicated to post-punk, darkwave, cold wave, Neue Deutshe Welle and whatever other signifiers, with perhaps the strongest emphasis on the local post-punk scene of any radio show in the Portland area. From the first wave to NOW, it's here.
Soul Archaeology is a soulful trip down memory lane engineered by your tour guide, Avery Pack, affectionately known as DJ Daddy Cool. Here is where you hear the best of the old school...soul indeed, but other cuts that are in the ball park of soul, but smell of rock, blues, jazz and sometimes a little country. Come take this journey through time and explore the musical sounds of your mind's reminiscence.
Spawn On Me is the definitive video game podcast featuring and spotlighting gamers of color. Brought to you directly from Brookago, Spawn on Me brings you gaming news, previews and reviews while simultaneously looking at how games affect the world.
Sportslandia is a sports talk show with a local flare and emphasis on the positive side of sports. This is not a typical "hot take" sports show. Each episode we will shine a light on local pro athletes, coaches, and owners about their teams and leagues.
Long, dark blues and other audio ephemera that transcend space and time.
Long time Portland DJ crew, Strange Babes bring you a wide and formidable mix of underground gems across genres. Modern to well-aged. Local and far beyond. Strange and getting stranger.
Street Roots Radio on XRAY.fm is a collaborative radio project highlighting the work of the Orange Fence Project and the Renters’ Rights Project. Tune in for your weekly update from Street Roots Wednesday mornings at 8:45 AM.
Strike of Death features the best of Death Metal, Thrash, Grindcore, Doom, Hardcore, Black Metal and other extreme music from the 80s to the present. Join us if you dare.
A deceptively sweet concoction of indie musics, from twee to postpunk, for middle-of-the-night snacking.
New music, classic hits, and rare gems from the Bridge City, the Pacific Northwest, and beyond!
A curated selection of XRAY's best talk content and podcasts.
Team Human is a podcast striving to amplify human connection. Each week, host Douglas Rushkoff engages in discussion with people who are hacking autonomous technologies, runaway markets and weaponized media to make it more compatible with human life, and helping redefine what it means to stay human in a digital age.
A place to hear new episodes from upcoming XRAY DJs. Tell us what you think by texting in at 971-220-5979
After the club closes, join veteran DJs AC$ and Sir Round as we explore the deeper side of underground house music. Deep/Soulful/Afro/Latin house music for your mind, body and soul.
The Common Good! KXRW! Placeholder text.
An eclectic two-hour mix designed for late-night listening. The darkest hour is always before the dawn.
Underground obscurities and above-ground psych, prog, funk and rock from the 1970s and beyond.
Selecting the choicest cuts of the week.
The music business is half the size it was ten years ago, and many people believe music should be free. On The Future of What we talk to musicians and allies to find out what's happening now and where we're going. Is there a future for music... or what?
Groove Theory, hosted by Dj O.G.ONE, is a collection of feel good music mixes that move the soul. Focused on creating a musical experience that supports good music by both local and national artist who don't always get airplay on commercial radio. You'll R&B, Soul, Jazz, Alternative and even some pPop that gets your groovin.
In the Hearing Music I plan to show connections between punk, no wave, minimalism, free jazz, exotica, drone, experimental, psychedelic, noise, new age, synth bliss, and other lost threads to build my portrait of sound.
Sweet ska and rocksteady from the sixties, the deepest roots reggae from the seventies and the best dancehall from the eighties and beyond. Get ready to move your dancing feet to the sound that can't be beat: The IMPACT! Sound.
Midnight hour warmth for you to kick back and reset to. Beats to ground us, soulful vibrations to lift us up! Shapeshifting encouraged.
Easy Listening, Exotica, Latin Jazz, Soundtracks, Vintage Synth, Sublime Frequencies, Incredibly Strange music, In sounds from the Way out. - Music your strange aunt listens to. Email DJPrimitiva@gmail.com
The Local is your daily dose of hometown news, delivered fresh to your podcasts feeds every morning and broadcast at 6:30am. Episodes available at https://xraypod.com/show/the-local
The Non Profit Hour: a weekly look at Portland's nonprofits and do-gooders with interviews, profiles, and documentaries. Hosted by Phil Busse and Julie Falk. Produced and edited by Molly Jean Bennett.
A showcase of new, sometimes obscure tunes that I am into.
The PM Show features the best in Progressive Electric Music from around the world. Hear the latest in "Prog" and catch some old favorites as well. It's all on The PM Show with your host JB Horwitz. 2-4AM Thursday mornings on 91.1 and 107.1 XRAY FM, 99.9 KXRW FM and at www.xray.fm. The PM Show is dedicated to world peace. Believe it!
You're a Portland kind of person, living that Portland kind of life. You're craving a mix of punk, disorder, jazz, soul, found audio detritus and the like. You're tired of the same old same old and need that fam new new. Welcome, friend.
The “Sound of Pictures” is a movie music show hosted by disk detective DJ Scili. This show sets an imaginary stage for film music near and far. With blind and refined listening, you’ll hear lots of soundtracks, source music and interviews with film composers with your cinema-centric host.
Local rap group The U-Krew and DJ P-Kookie host a weekly Hip-Hop show
The Friday Night Interlude w/ Mo B. is everything you need to get your weekend off the right start. Tune in, vibe out, and I guarantee you'll hear something new each and every week.
Danny Ocean and Shaydo bring you hip-hop, r&b, and Reggae. New and throwbacks, from Portland and beyond. Plus, catch interviews from talented artists.
This. Is. Cannabis! The show that takes an insider look at the Oregon cannabis scene.
Every Saturday morning from 8am to 9am Pacific - DJ David Schilling brings recently released tracks from artists you know and some you don't - your place to discover the best new music!
America's Number One Progressive Radio Show Call In @ (202) 808-9925 M-F 9AM - 12PM
Three abnormal chicks coming together to bring you sonic gems from the depths of their record crates, from obscure to familiar, from hardcore to hard to listen to. Take some time out for fun with Mof, Janie, and Bri.
Playing early rock & roll, punk, post punk, girl-groups, glam, bubble gum and power pop to keep your day sweet and classy.
Discussions with Tribal members about issues of interest to Tribal Members
Each week DJ Encyclopedia Sound shares 2 hours of rare grooves from Africa, Brazil, and Latin America. This fusion of African drumming with European composition is the same recipe as jazz, blues, and rock; the other side of our shared musical family tree.
Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be heard.
More unrefined than sophisticated, 2 friends giving you our take on this thing called life. The duo goes over the week's news, pop topics, and welcomes guests ranging from music artists to mortgage lenders. Evolving, learning, and laughing, in a way only they can. Bring ya red cup and listen up!
You'll never guess what's next with DJ UpAbove. Come for the left of the dial Indie, Soul, Post Punk, Psych, Shoegaze, and Camp - stay for the vibes.
Video Music. Movie Soundtracks. Dark Danse. What John Carpenter listens to, late at night...
Very Good Plus explores a mix of electric jazz, minimal and experimental synth, kosmische, tribal ambient, disco, soul & funk, and related genres, typically with an international reach to Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia.
Join DJ Boflex as he scours the Youtube archives for rare and diverse content including music videos, TV performances, covers, remixes, and even non-musical oddities. Fight against the algorithm Sundays at 4 A.M.
2 hours of hip-hop, funk & soul with a heavy focus on the Portland scene.
We highlight the best new music released each week with an eclectic mix of synth-pop, hip-hop, indie rock, R&B and garage. All genres unified by the freshness. Bangers only.
Where the Traffic Goes plays the best in classic UK and US indiepop, punk rock, DIY noise, and anything underground.
New, indie and vintage folk, Americana, western, outlaw country, bluegrass, blues, desert psych, alternative, even rock and roll & stadium hits (when acceptable) with a strong emphasis on female artists—on every Thursday 2-3pm.
A collection of "Best of 2021" shows from a wide range of XRAY's world class DJs. Explore the eclectic taste that spans the community that is XRAY (dot) FM
Start your mornings live, with a fresh take on the important, underreported, and often overlooked stories of the day. A wide array of guests and a rotating group of diverse hosts provide comic relief and informative discussions from around the corner and across the globe. Radio is yours!
Highlighting XRAYpod's best works.
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