Part variety show, part alternative history of popular music, Melted Radio aims to explore "the space between taste", a hazy zone where 60's psych & country co-exist peacefully alongside 80's synth, weirdo folk, and international pop hits.
DJ YETI AKA Mike McGonigal plays a selection of killer rare, raw gospel music from his collection of thousands of records. He’s overseen reissues of gospel for Tompkins Square, Mississippi, Penniman, City Hall, Honest Jons and his own Social Music label.
Progressive rock over 4.5 decades. Or a 12 step addiction program? Your choice and your fix.
Epic and Omnivorous.
Afropop Worldwide is a Peabody award winning radio program and online magazine dedicated to music from Africa and the African diaspora.
PDX Pop Now! co-founder Ross Beach helps get your weekend started by spinning Portland music, previewing upcoming concerts, airing strange pieces of audio, and exploring eclectic musical sounds of the western world.
A journey into all things relative, jazz funk soul disco R&B deep house along with a lot more. Guest dj & producers from abroad,will be interviewed in their expertise of fine music. Local talent will also be featured.
American Routes is a weekly two-hour public radio program produced in New Orleans, presenting a broad range of American music.
Unvarnished sounds, unsung singers, demo obscurities, vanguard traditionalists, buried history.
Blues>garage> trash>r&b>rock>soul>fire>flood>smoke. "Ballin the jack" means acting loose, gambling too easy, moving too fast, betting it all. From Howlin' Wolf to Nick Cave to Bo Diddley The Growlers and Abner Jay, so many fools ballin the jack.
The sound of the streets. Low and slow. Lost highway. Beach tracks worldwide.
Hosted by the PDX Mandem crew. Bringing PNW Flavor to Sound System culture. www.soundcloud.com/pdxmandem www.holdtightthemandem.com
Music that fed into, exemplified, embodied, and exploded from the punk, new wave, and postpunk epoch of the mid to late 1970s and early 1980s, with smatterings of garage, glam, dub, and real rock and roll.
80s & 90s Alternative *rock, grunge, new wave, pop, goth, shoegaze
Big Picture Science is a one-hour radio show and podcast that connects ideas in surprising and humorous ways to illuminate the origins, the behavior, and the future of life—and technology—on Earth.
Blazer's Edge Radio with Peter Sampson brings you the best in local Blazers talk. Featuring game previews, analysis, live callers, sports media guests, and post-game interviews.
Mind melting jamz that may cause neck breakage due to rapid head bobbing.
A West Coast-centric blend of tunes yr going to hear tomorrow, but heard today. One part local + one part national with a twist. Brewed in yr garage + aged in yr hippy uncle's record cabinet, THIS IS BORROWED TIME.
A podcast about the Portland Pickles.
80s/90s Raps, Breakdance Jams, Freestyle & Electro-beat on wax. All Vinyl. All Love <3 Hosted by Chip Brokaw (a.k.a. Colin Jones) of SNAP 90's Dance Party & BigGreenJonesShow
Cascadio is an exploration in isolation & intimacy, punctuated by grandiose moments of purifying pop emotion. Featuring a broad array of sounds, including noise, ambient, drone, club, techno, house, experimental electronica, lonely rock music, shoegaze, post-punk, twee, & more.
The goal of our show is to explore ideas of sex and love with openness, compassion, and inclusivity. Join us as we chat with our favorite sexperts in the Portland area and beyond.
Repping hard for haunting beauty, magic, and the weird.
Ear inserts (may affect balance), exhumations and curios.
Cameron Whitten and Greg McKelvey discuss politics, activism, and race on a bi-weekly basis.
Anjali and The Kid present International classics & unknown pop gems from their vintage vinyl collections. With a focus on retro Bollywood & the Latin diaspora, you can also expect to hear Panjabi folk, Qawwali, South Asian filmi (Lollywood, Tollywood & Kollywood) as well as 60's Pop (French, Thai, etc.)
Rad music (or close enough) serving indie rock, global psychedelica, lo-fi, art punk, Portland-centric, international pop, folkishness, real rock, and brand new cuts of distinction. Classic tracks, lost gems and new discoveries every Wednesday at 7pm.
A 101-year old discussion on the topics that affect Portlanders and Oregonians.
All things loud that ultimately will piss off yr neighbors when turned to 11! Punk, metal,goth, power violence, garage, crust, grind, h/c, Noise,thrash, rap coming straight out the underground. Local and international diy and indiependant label releases.
Concentric Circles strives to connect the dots between experimental, electronic, industrial, post punk, krautrock and everything in between.
No sound is safe from Professional Echo! A weekly 1 hour radio program exploring sound systems of the world and the rhythmic musical traditions that shape them. electronic vibrations, bass pressure, and cultural shifts new and old.
This show focuses on disco, albeit interpreted broadly. The primary emphasis will be on the classic years of 1974-79. However, the show also includes italo, boogie, electro, hi-NRG, international soul & funk, "mutant disco", new wave, beat-oriented krautrock, and related genres.
A music and laughter based show, playing a variety of genres of music from country to hip hop, with funny rants and clips.
A one-hour dive into the glorious abyssal that is the world of music. Listen each week for interviews, live in studio performances and new sounds from across the globe.
Songs and beats that mesh and span a variety of genres. Mixtapes aren't just for the car you drove when you were 16 or from your first ex lover, they're for the radio too!
Through the lens of science, hosts Kira Klingenberg & Keera Lindenberg (yes, really) explore surprisingly fascinating topics — like hive minds, sea monkeys, and lactose intolerance — in a way that everyone, despite their inherent level of nerdy-ness, can enjoy.
Hello Stars! We're here to play music and talk about feelings! Emphasis on lyrically witty, psychedelic pop, lo-fi garage, dreamy soul, and heart breaker music.
Rock music of the 90s, its influences and the aftermath.
All the newness hand-picked for your crying and dancing needs.
New music that will be classic in 20 years. Classics that sound current.
Every Tuesday from 6-8PM PST. Galaxy My Dear beams you otherworldly tunes via the Internet and FM waves.
A mixed bag of nutz with indie rock jams, shoegaze, folk, unreleased tracks, concert previews and festival favorites. We’ll bring you up high and light, and then down low and gloomy when you’re in the Ghost Chapel.  
Purveyors of night music, offering vast selections of industrial noise, grave-wave, goth melodies, heavy riffs, big bass, and dark ambiance, with a touch of witchy folk and horror classics.
Radio that stays crunchy - even in milk! Music for kids, but not kid music. Tune in to your childhood, or bridge the gap and turn a kid on to the wonders of radio. Greasy grooves, strange stories, birthday hollers and pancakes!
Weaving the narratives of successful artists and key players in the music industry into a half-hour podcast and radio show.
Amplifying voices in progress of social justice issues to support our community and beyond. Hosted by Andre Middleton every Monday.
Grow PDX is a show focusing on horticulture, urban gardening, community food systems and agriculture. This call-in show is hosted by Weston Miller, Community and Urban Horticulturist. Listen in to get the real dirt!
Eclectic dance, house driven, soul and jazz inspired music. EVERTHING as funky as possible. 85 to 128 bpm.
Two idiots talking.
Classic rock and heavy metal collide on the Heavy Metal Sewïng Cïrcle. Great singing and songwriting in loud and heavy music will help the faint of heart ease into things, and killer nuggets will be unearthed for the initiated. No earplugs required. \m/
Now in its 10th year of broadcast, @HelloCruelWorld presents new music (in subgenres from folk to rock, PDX to worldwide) and in-studio performances.
News from the Couve!
Seriously, why are you listening to this?
We focus on new music that sounds like: No Wave, Post Punk, Stoner Rock, New Wave, Indie Rock, Shoegaze, Garage, Lo-fi and NWOBHM. We host guests in the studio. We love XRAY.fm - please help support the station.
The nineteen-eighties. Electro - new wave - old school. Presented by Portland's very own DJ Triple M.
Hoot 'N Howl is 60 minutes of pure vinyl OLDIES! Real, Rare, and Rockin' 45's of the 1950's & 1960's in a cross genre blend of scratchy classics and hidden gems.
Wild, weird, psych, soul, easy on the ears, rock n' roll. No genre exclusions, just quality control.
Natural Magic's weekly visions into the realms of sad disco, modern techno, dad ballads and heaps of ambient whatnot.
Songs for the sleep deprived. Existential mood music for staying up too late and/or getting up too early.
1950s and 1960s rock 'n' roll, soul music, some psychelic jams and modern marvels...step inside the wizard's hat!
Gina Altamura (DJ Serious Moonlight) of Portland nightclub Holocene and Akila Fields (DJ Palm Dat) of Shy Girls team up for a groove-rich and shimmering weekly journey through just-released tracks in the realms of modern R&B, UK Soul and electronic pop.
IS BUTTER A CARB? is a hybrid advice and music show by Megan Hattie and DJ Mami Miami on XRAY FM. To get advice of your own, text/call live on air or text/leave us a voicemail at 93-73-HELPUS and we'll discuss it next show!
Jazz In the New Millennium is a one-hour program focusing in-depth on an individual living jazz artist each week.
Kevin Berry takes you on a weekly walk down memory lane.
Content from KXRW Vancouver, featuring rotating shows highlighting content by, for, and about Vancouver and the people who live there.... or just come to visit.
Guten Morgen/Nacht, mein Kaetschien! Listen to an eclectic mix of the avant garde and absurd, and things in between. Minimal and maximalist electronics, dark ambient, post punk, noise, rock and noisy rock.
New energy in the R&B, hip-hop, soul, jazz, funk, house & broken beat idioms. The hottest rhythms and rhymes backed with the soul-searching freedom vibes.
DJ mix show that showcases the hosts' wide ranging, but rhythmically grounded artistic inclinations. Hip-Hop, R&B, House, Funk, Soul, Jazz, Boogie
Welcome to the working week. Every Monday we dust out the darker corners of vinyl, from the 1960's onward. Focusing on post-punk, its blueprints and enduring influence, a full hour is dedicated to the back covers of the back of the back of the crates.
Celebrating artists who bring a depthful and ever-evolving definition to the term "singer-songwriter."
I'm Raybanjan. I love power pop, punk, garage/surf rock, alt-country, classic soul, psychedelia, girl groups, jingle-jangle folk rock and of course lots of the local artists that make the Portland music scene so amazing. Let's hang out a bit in the middle of the afternoon in the middle of the week. I promise to show you a good time or your money back.
A moment in time for you to chase the intergalactic boogie dragon in those twilight hours. Sappho & Friends take you on a live mix of cosmic classics, new electronic, hip-hop, funk, disco, house, techno and other underground sounds. Tuesdays 3am-5am.
Wild, weird and dirty pop, novelty and dance tunes from the '20s, '30s and beyond! Black string bands, hillbilly blues, hot jazz, sweet vocal groups and more.
Kristin B. spins new and old favorites from the wide worlds of pop, indie, psych, soul, strum and drum, drone, twang, and lo-fi for your hi-fi. Special emphasis on the News (Zealand, Jersey and York).
Live DJ’s on real dance floors: No breaks, one take, absolute real vibes presented on Portland's airwaves and beyond. Club ready and after-hours approved. Two hours of dj mixed music performed and recorded in front of a live listeners. Presented by by Portland's own Tyler Tastemaker and Rap Class with guest mix support from around the world.
We believe in the freedom of music, we also believe in the discussion and critique of music, but most importantly we believe in the power that music has with bringing us all together.
Astute observations and hot hot jams to kick your weekend off right.
Night Lab is a late-night experiment of hip-hop, goth trap, and abstract soul and R&B. Vibe heavy. Always deliberately wavy.
The finest in modern soul, boogie & outsider funk. Sounds new & old presented by DJ Bobby D + a wide range of local & national acts. www.nightschool.us
Nocturnal Emissions plays a mix of indie, underground, noisy stuff, local, national, international, girls, guys... All of that presented with a French twist and non-faked French accents but understandable for the American ear… hopefully!
Casting light on new and aged, local and not, alternative rock, dream pop, experimental and multi-cultural tunes.
Optic Echo Presents is an all vinyl mix of ambient, experimental, & modern classical with some old downtempo, IDM, & underground hip hop.
A lost and found of shadowed sounds from past and present, Past Haunts focuses on both the seedy and ethereal side of the contemporary underground.
The PDX Pop Now! show is dedicated to celebrating Portland’s vital and diverse music community with a focus on upcoming all ages shows and Portland releases. Learn more about our organization at www.pdxpopnow.org
Thom S. of Portland's Golden Brown label brings you new releases and assorted favorites from a burgeoning world of texture-pop. Vintage funk, soul and rock influences dressed in experimental pop attire to elevate your Monday afternoon.
Philosophy on the radio? You've got to be kidding? Well, sometimes we do (kid, that is). Mostly we look at today's important ideas with an eye to thinking them through.
Product of the 80's is a show that aims to look at the world from a quasi millennial view and bring a fun and honest conversation to the table about art, politics, culture, community, and just everyday life in general. We hope to entertain while we inform or at least open up minds to be able to have a discussion without any animosity.
Secret music, unsung masterpieces, rarities and obscure ear worms. Vintage and new African, Kraut, Caribbean, psychedelic, dub, soul, jazz and beyond!
Talk Programming selections curated by XRAY.fm.
Radio Ruckus, Ante Up's (anteuppdx.com) weekly radio show. Radio Ruckus is Hosted by Ronin Roc and joined by the best of Portland's trusted Djs to set your Saturday night off with the weeks newest tracks and best remixes from artist all over the board.
The Radio Survivor podcast is a weekly show that explores the future of radio that matters, with a focus on community, college and low-power FM, along with podcasting and internet radio.
Compelling News, Culture, People, and Stories ACTIVE on the RADIO with host Jamie Mustard, co-host Kris Regentin and special guests.
Record Lections is a weekly conversation I conduct about the classic LPs that have shaped me as a writer, musician, dj, collector, and lover of vinyl records. Each show focuses on personal anecdotes, interview clips, and favorite moments from on specific album followed by a mixtape of selected influences and associates. No genres excluded!
don't die, dry your eyes
Reveal combines the power and artistry of “driveway moment” storytelling with data-rich reporting on critically important issues. The result is stories that inform and inspire, arming our listeners with information to right injustices, hold the powerful accountable and improve lives.
A wide variety of music, from the genre-defining to the genre-defying, with an emphasis on the music of the 60s and 70s.
The best of XRAY!
a weekly, hour-long, almost entirely vinyl-based show focusing on the intersection between a (world)wide variety of musics and the exponential proliferation of synthesized sound, from the late 70’s on
SAVAGE BEAT is garage, surf, proto-punk and a little more of the like. Weirdo screamers and trashy creepers.
A weekly exploration of the psychedelic sounds of the '60's and 70's with cross-genre journeys into psych, acid folk, heavy rock, hippie rock, space rock, prog, psychedelic funk, and jazz. Trippy sounds from across the spectrum and around the world.
Go find yourself a new band! Sessions From The Box is the live concert experience without the sticky floor. Live sessions and interviews from local and touring bands. No genres, just great music.
A live call-in show about the three things that matter most. Non Comedian Shannon Graves and writer Arthur Bradford, experts in all three subjects, take your calls as they search for that sweet spot where sex, drugs, and basketball intersect. Call in with your relationship queries, stoner epiphanies, and Trailblazer insights. It’s all welcome here.
an exploration of all waves, the dark, the ephemeral, and the night.
3am techno / disco / house turn up w dj chelsea starr female, femme, and queer producers to the front
60 minutes dedicated to post-punk, darkwave, cold wave, Neue Deutshe Welle and whatever other signifiers, with perhaps the strongest emphasis on the local post-punk scene of any radio show in the Portland area. From the first wave to NOW, it's here.
A mix of strange, fun, lesser-known gems. Damaged garage, art punk, international surf, soul, new wave, no wave. Modern to well-aged. Local and far beyond. Strange and getting stranger every Tuesday 4-6pm.
Strike of Death features the best of Death Metal, Thrash, Grindcore, Doom, Hardcore, Black Metal and other extreme music from the 80s to the present. Join us if you dare.
I'm with You Now
New music, classic hits, and rare gems from the Bridge City, the Pacific Northwest, and beyond!
A curated selection of XRAY talk programming.
Each week the DJ detective shares 2 hours of classic and modern vinyl cuts from Africa, Brazil, and Latin America. Go beyond coffee shop world music CDs... these are deep dives into musical traditions rarely heard in the U.S.
After the club closes, join veteran DJs Bryan Essary, ac$ and Sir Round as we explore the deeper side of dance music. Deep/soulful/Afro/Latin house music for your mind, body and soul.
harmolodic / jass / energy music / Euro / black music / shout / avant garde / cosmigroove / standards / free jazz / post, hard, and bebop / fusion / ragtime / big band / free improv / @ChangingSameFM
Tech Execs who don't fit the mold.
..The Darkest Hour is always before the dawn.....
A live, vinyl set mixing pop from faraway places, rock with long hair, psych with great drums, soul with funk, and funk with soul.
mid-afternoon soul mixtape
News, stories and voices of Portland's underrepresented communities from outside the mainstream bubble (i.e. where we all actually live). Hosted by intrepid local nerd Jenn Chavez.
The music business is half the size it was ten years ago, and many people believe music should be free. On The Future of What we talk to musicians and allies to find out what's happening now and where we're going. Is there a future for music... or what?
Sweet ska and rocksteady from the sixties, the deepest roots reggae from the seventies and the best dancehall from the eighties and beyond. Get ready to move your dancing feet to the sound that can't be beat: The IMPACT! Sound. https://www.theimpactsound.com
The Magic Hour is a show about creativity, reality, being human beings, and other weirdness. Featuring Portland author Anthony Alvarado and comedian Jason Traeger as hosts. We talk with creative and innovative thinkers about dreams, magic, drugs, philosophy and spirituality.
The Mirror Cave Podcast explores consciousness, mysticism, spirituality, and how they intersect with the complex narratives of human lives. Produced by Scott Harrison.
The Non Profit Hour: a weekly look at Portland's nonprofits and do-gooders with interviews, profiles, and documentaries. Hosted by Phil Busse and Julie Falk. Produced and edited by Molly Jean Bennett.
A genre-fluid show with a venn diagram intersection. Your favorite songs you didn’t know you already loved dug up from the past, present, and future. Join Dijon on a path of (re)discovery; falling in love for the first time over and over again. Got a show coming up? Want to hear your band on the air? Hit me with a vmail at (971) 915-3566 Email: scott.osgood@xray.fm
J.B.Horwitz Thursday 2:00am – 4:00am Featuring the best in Progressive Electric Music from around the world, The PM Show is a work of art on the radio where each segue and each set is designed to be a thing of beauty. Also syndicated on Jazzbox Radio International in Paris, France, and on Progzilla Radio in The UK, The PM Show is considered to be the best Progressive Music show in the United States. Tune in and hear for yourself.
The Sound of Pictures is a program of movie music. It features rare and well-known music for domestic and international film. Wednesday from 4-5am.
America's Number One Progressive Radio Show
The Friday Night Interlude w/ Mo B. is everything you need to get your weekend off the right start. Tune in, vibe out, and I guarantee you'll hear something new each and every week.
This. Is. Cannabis! The show that takes an insider look at the Oregon cannabis scene.
An eclectic selection of the latest tight songs and emerging new artists from a variety of genres (R&B, hip-hop, beats, modern funk, jazz and more) hosted by Kenny of Fresh Selects.
A fever dream of harsh noise, dark ambient, industrial, power electronics, musique concrete, electroacoustic improvisation, and experimental sound
Lamar shares dusty funk at dusk.
Movie soundtracks, heavy Synth & Dark Dance music. The cross over between movies and music is the main inspiration. The intersection of these two, is where VCR TV will take you. Dj Kyle-Reese is your guide.
Bringing you the very best from the northwest and worldwide in hip hop, funk, soul and R&B. Featuring in studio performances and exclusive releases from NW artists.
We highlight the best new music released each week with an eclectic mix of synth-pop, hip-hop, indie rock, R&B and garage. All genres unified by the freshness. Bangers only.
Each week scholars explore the worlds of literature, science, the arts, politics, history, and business through lively discussion with our ever curious host Sarah McConnell.
Every Wednesday Women’s Beat League presents an hour of genre crossing tunes with an emphasis on performers working on the margins of the electronic realm. ​
Looking for the smart, the funny, and the weird? Start your mornings here to find it. Tune in, and we'll supply information, discussion, and comic relief to keep you informed, around the corner and across the globe. Radio is Yours!