Played   Title Artist Album Label Show  
7:44pm   san juan  the young ones og guyana  on tour  // MELTED RADIO // Buy
7:41pm   como una rosa roja  lucha reyes  la morena de oro del peru  FTA  // MELTED RADIO // Buy
7:38pm   Bernadino's Theme & Philosophy (Part II)  Count Bernadino  The Masterful Mr Count Bernadino  Sunrise Records  // MELTED RADIO // Buy
7:36pm   hawaiian people eater  waikiki surfriders  waikiki surfriders  design  // MELTED RADIO // Buy
7:35pm   phom rak khoon tching tching  the viking band  pebbles vol.1 thailand  BFD  // MELTED RADIO // Buy
7:29pm   when there is no sun  sun ra quartet  new steps  // MELTED RADIO // Buy
7:23pm   let your life be free  t. zchien & the johnny  forge your own chains: heavy psychedelic ballads and dirges 1968-1974  // MELTED RADIO // Buy
7:19pm   stay loose  hemsley morris  reggae's greatest hits vol.8  // MELTED RADIO // Buy
7:16pm   synthi melody  piero umiliani  synthi time  omnicron  // MELTED RADIO // Buy
7:12pm   december day  willie nelson  good times  capitol  // MELTED RADIO // Buy
7:08pm   the sounds of our time  jim ford  the unissued capitol album  // MELTED RADIO // Buy
7:06pm   soul scorcher  Harry J All Stars  45  Harry J  // MELTED RADIO // Buy
7:05pm   mister slow  the impossibles  pebbles vol1  BFD  // MELTED RADIO // Buy
7:04pm   Reality  Black Merda  The Psych Funk of Black Merda  Funky Delicacies  // MELTED RADIO // Buy
6:58pm   Jubliee  Jake Xerxes Fussell  Out of Sight  Paradise of Bachelors  Backroad to Nowhere Buy
6:53pm   Carolina Lady  House and Land  Across The Field  Thrill Jockey  Backroad to Nowhere Buy
6:49pm   Spare Me Over One More Year  Kacy and Clayton  Carry On  New West Records  Backroad to Nowhere Buy
6:49pm   Stray Dog  Bill Orcutt  Odds Against Tomorrow  Palilalia  Backroad to Nowhere Buy
6:45pm   As the World Turns  Jessica Pratt  Quiet Signs  Mexican Summer  Backroad to Nowhere Buy
6:42pm   Morning is My Godmother  Bill Callahan  Shepherd in a Sheepskin Vest  Drag City  Backroad to Nowhere Buy