Played   Title Artist Album Label Show  
8:01pm   white wall  Bob Seger System  Ramblin Gamblin Man  capitol  The Denim Dinner Party Buy
7:57pm   Stackolee  Mississippi John Hurt  the library of congress recordings  the library of congress  Circa Rad Buy
7:56pm   Stagger Lee  Professor Longhair  Masters of the Last Century  Sinostate  Circa Rad Buy
7:51pm   stagger Lee  sananda maitreya  Return to Zooathalon  maitreya  Circa Rad Buy
7:50pm   stacker lee  Pete Seeger  American favorite ballads  folkways  Circa Rad Buy
7:45pm   stacker lee  uncle earl  Raise a Ruckus  uncle earl  Circa Rad Buy
7:36pm   stackolee  Alan Lomax & WD stewart  Negro Prison Songs  Univ of Mississippi  Circa Rad Buy
7:29pm   Stagger Lee & Billy  The Hair  Golden Deluxe  lovin cup  Circa Rad Buy
7:29pm   stagger lee  james brown  cold sweat  king  Circa Rad Buy
7:27pm   Billy Lyons and Stack O'Lee  Furry Lewis  The Complete Vintage Recordings of Furry Lewis (1927-1929)  Document   Circa Rad Buy
7:26pm   Stagger Lee and Billy  Ike and tina turner  Don't play me cheap  sue records  Circa Rad Buy
7:20pm   stackolee  Woody Guthrie  The Asch Recordings  Smithsonian Folkways  Circa Rad Buy
7:19pm   Stackalee  Margaret Walker  anthology of negro poetry  smithsonian  Circa Rad Buy
7:17pm   Wrong 'Em Boyo  The Clash  London Calling  Epic  Circa Rad Buy
7:09pm   Stack O Lee  The lonesome valley singer  Song of the Trail  Mountain Dew  Circa Rad Buy
7:09pm   Stack-a-Lee  Archibald  45  Imperial  Circa Rad Buy
7:03pm   stagger Lee  Lloyd Price  The Exciting Lloyd Price  abc paramount  Circa Rad Buy
7:00pm   stagger lee  Tim Hardin  this is Tim Hardin  atco  Circa Rad Buy
6:56pm   Say It Ain't SO  Jordan Mackampa  Welcome Home, Kid!  Awal  Electric Avenue Buy
6:53pm   Good Life (Impilo Emnande)  Soweto Gospel Choir x Groove Terminator  single  Electric Avenue Buy
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