Played   Title Artist Album Label Show  
2:43am   Experiences  Demoria and The Cosmicnauts  45  King's Music City Records  Beaches Buy
2:39am   Summertime  Ocean to Ocean  45  Small World Records  Beaches Buy
2:36am   Too Lonely to Be Alone  Kwick  45  Capitol  Beaches Buy
2:31am   Love Dues  Craig T. Cooper  45  Valley Vue Records  Beaches Buy
2:28am   Lucky Seven (Stay As You Are)  Keith Sweat  45  Stadium  Beaches Buy
2:23am   I Won't Be Satisfied  René Hayes  45  Damon Records  Beaches Buy
2:19am   If You Got a Good Thing  Pierré  45  Bob's Malibu Records  Beaches Buy
2:14am   Love Has No Color (I Keep Coming Back For More)  Sesil and Lujon  45  Soap Opera Records  Beaches Buy
2:09am   Seduction  Lacy Reed  45  TJ Records  Beaches Buy
2:05am   Let Me Have The Stranger  Auska Garrett  45  Sir Garrette Productions  Beaches Buy
2:01am   All Your Love  Anita Faye  45  White Records Enterprises  Beaches Buy
1:54am   A2  Ólafur Arnalds & Nils Frahm  Collaborative Works  Erased Tapes  The Darkest Hour Buy
1:44am   Vox Humana / Jesus Maria (Carla Bley)   Gary Burton  Dreams So Real   ECM  The Darkest Hour Buy
1:39am   Cleansed by Fire   Johanna Warren  Gemini II   Spirit House  The Darkest Hour Buy
1:35am   Disordered minds   Grouper  Shade   Kranky  The Darkest Hour Buy
1:29am   Tin Patrida Mou Ehasa   Savina Yannatou & Primavera En Salonico  Songs of Thessaloniki   ECM  The Darkest Hour Buy
1:26am   Liquid Air   Meredith Monk  Mercy  ECM  The Darkest Hour Buy
1:23am   Ellis Island (Meredith Monk)   Ursula Oppens, Bruce Brubaker  Meredith Monk: Piano Songs   ECM  The Darkest Hour Buy
1:18am   Late Bloomer (feat. Gavin Castleton)   Blue Cranes  Voices  Blue Cranes  The Darkest Hour Buy
1:14am   Boat Song (Meredith Monk)   Rubin Kodheli  Monk Mix: Remixes & Interpretations Of Music By Meredith Monk   The House Foundation for the Arts  The Darkest Hour Buy
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